Welcome to Stockholm 6-7 March 2017.

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To mayors, leading civil servants, researchers, business and agency leaders in the Baltic Sea region

Most welcome to Baltic Sea Future, a two-day congress in Stockholm held on the 6-7 March 2017.
Baltic Sea Future will address the challenges in the Baltic Sea region, focusing on the key role of municipalities. The Baltic Sea is loved, needed and polluted, and municipalities are the hubs who can coordinate interests, engage local citizens, turn scientific results into action, and handle the challenges to create a sustainable future for the Baltic Sea.3971 EarlyBird knapp
A healthy Baltic Sea means different things to different people. For some, it means a thriving tourist industry leading to new jobs. For others, it means ensuring continued fishing possibilities. For others yet, it means providing your grandchildren with the same opportunities for sea life experiences as your grandparents had. For municipality mayors, a healthy Baltic Sea is a prerequisite to reach the UN Agenda 2030 and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
We have the technology, we have the knowledge. What we need now is an innovative, visionary and multidisciplinary leadership!
At Baltic Sea Future key stakeholders from the Baltic Sea countries will gather to share knowledge, motivation, best practices and tools. They will be inspired by municipalities that have succeeded, scientists who know what is needed, companies providing innovations and techniques that can do it, and agencies that can help them reach their vision.

Inauguration and welcome speech by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria, UN appointed Sustainable Development Goals Advocate.
We hope that also you would like to take part in the Baltic Sea Future, and hereby cordially invite you to register as a delegate to the conference.

3891 Stockholm CoS logo JPG 300
Karin Wanngård,
Mayor of the City of Stockholm

3890 Stockholmsuniversitet
Astrid Söderbergh Widding,
Professor and Vice-Chancellor
of Stockholm University

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Göran Lindstedt
Secretary General
Sustainable Seas Foundation

Register now, Early Bird Price SEK 3 200 (Late fee SEK 4 000)
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Selected parts of the agenda 


• Inauguration and welcome speech by Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria, UN appointed SDG Advocate

• The vision of a sustainable Baltic Sea region

• Achieving Agenda2030 and the SDGs in a Baltic Sea context

• For a fact based worldview

• How can municipalities contribute to global and regional commitments?

• What does the UN Agenda2030 mean for municipalities in the Baltic Sea region?

• Various policies, one goal: clean Baltic waters

• Implementing Sustainable Development Goals in the Baltic Sea Region

• Eutrophication - innovations and measures for counteracting the negative effects of excessive nutrients leaching to the Baltic Sea

• Cities of Baltic Sea Countries - innovative strategies for decreasing emissions of hazardous substances through upstream measures

• BLASTIC-project – Reducing plastic waste and, thereby, the inflow of hazardous substances into the Baltic Sea

• Marine habitats, protected areas and biodiversity

• Municipalities: Key actors for implementing international and EU law for the Baltic Sea environment

• Climate psychology: what creates change, motivation and innovation?

• The vision of Europe’s greenest city, Leadership & innovation by Växjö municipality for reaching SDGs and Agenda2030 goals

• Transnational cooperation to reach Agenda2030 - From a practical point of view

• How can municipalities and companies find financing for sustainable project helping them reach Agenda2030?

• Examples on how different sectors in the Baltic Sea region contribute to sustainable development

Selection of confirmed speakers

• Karin Wanngård, Mayor, City of Stockholm

• Astrid Söderbergh Widding,
Vice-Chancellor, Stockholm University

• Lena Ek,
Senior advisor, Sustainable Seas Foundation

• Johan Rockström,
Professor, Stockholm University and Director of Stockholm Resilience Centre

• Olof Granström and Mikael Arvevius,
Gapminder Foundation

• Monika Stankiewicz,
Executive Secretary, HELCOM

• Krista Kampus,
Head of Baltic 2030 Unit, EUSBSR HA Climate coordinator, Council of the Baltic Sea States Secretariat

• Göran Andersson,
Svealands Kustvattenvårdsförbund

• Tonie Wickman,
PhD, Coordinator of the EU flagship project NonHazCity, Environment and Health Administration, Environment Analysis, City of Stockholm

• Pekka Salminen,
Environment Protection Planner, City of Turku

• Sofia Wikström,
PhD, Baltic Eye, Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

• Jonas Ebbesson,
Professor, Faculty of Law, Stockholm University

• Per Espen Stoknes,
PhD, BI Center for Climate strategy, Director of Centre for Green Growth at the Norwegian Business School

• Bo Andersson,
Secretary General, The Nordic Association in Sweden

• Bo Frank ,
Mayor, Municipality of Växjö

• Klas Eklund,
Senior Economist Sustainability, SEB

• Thomas Wrangdahl,
First Vice President, Nordic Investment Bank

• Saeid Esmaeilzadeh,
Professor, Stockholm University and CEO Serendipity Group

• Angela Wulff, Professor,
Gothenburg University and CEO, Swedish Algae Factory

• Bengt Larsson,
Fisherman, FiskOnline
Register now, Early Bird Price SEK 3 200 (Late fee SEK 4 000)
Registration »
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Baltic Sea Future is initiated by the City of Stockholm, Stockholm University and the Sustainable Seas Foundation and organized by Stockholmsmässan.

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You can also email/call Jan or Marmar in Baltic Sea Future project team:

Jan Söderhielm
Stockholmsmässan AB
Project manager Baltic Sea Future and sales
+46 70 789 41 31

Marmar Nekoro
Baltic Sea Centre at Stockholm University
Project manager Baltic Sea Future and responsible for content.
+46 (0)8 674 71 05 / +46 73 707 85 31
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Participants at the Baltic Sea Future congress will benefit from a special price at selected Scandic Hotels during the congress dates. You will receive the special booking code in your confirmation letter after having registered to the congress.


Please feel free to share this message with other civil servants working in, or cooperating with, local and regional authorities on issues related to sustainable development in the Baltic Sea region. Please also share with other stakeholders that you think are interested in Baltic Sea Future.
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