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Welcome to Optonyx Newsletter #3 for 2020
There are a lot of exciting things happening in our company and at our suppliers. In the midst of the pandemic we are working hard to serve our customers with advice and products. With continued growth in all product areas and all the countries we serve, we are expanding our operations with an Area Sales Manager in our newly opened office in Gothenburg.
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In this issue we also present the new tunable Semrock filters for Raman spectroscopy, display chips from EpiGap and tec5’s new website. We invite you to read more below.

We would also like to remind everybody that we upgraded to a new ERP system and changed our bank to align with our mother company in the previous months. The layout of order documents has a new look and our bank account numbers have changed.

Contact Optonyx to find out more!
New Team Member Markus Wyndhamn,
Opens Gothenburg Office
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Optonyx is happy to introduce the new team member Markus Wyndhamn as Area Sales Manager. Markus is based in our brand new Gothenburg office and will focus his efforts on the geographical markets of west and south Sweden, Denmark and south Norway.

We are very excited by having Markus on board, as he has lots of experience in photonics sales and we believe he will be contributing immediately to the Optonyx business and be a vital part of our continued success.

You are welcome to contact Markus and Optonyx to discuss your photonic applications!
VersaChrome® Tunable Filters from Semrock for Tunable Raman Spectroscopy
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Semrock expands its patented line of VersaChrome® tunable bandpass and tunable edge optical filters beyond fluorescence microscopy into tunable Raman spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging applications.

VersaChrome tunable bandpass filters allow fixed bandwidth tuning of the center wavelength (CWL) of up to 12% per filter to the blue through angle-tuning, and the tunable edge filters allow up to 12% tuning of long pass or short pass edges to tune with a tunable laser, or combined to create variable bandwidth passbands. The tuning capability of these filters are well known for their unlimited spectral flexibility of excitation or emission passbands for fluorescence microscopy and hyperspectral imaging, and now their versatility is enabling Raman spectroscopy applications.

The tuning capability of these filters delivers unlimited spectral flexibility of excitation or emission passbands for fluorescence microscopy and hyperspectral imaging, and edge tuning to align with supercontinuum & tunable laser sources for Raman spectroscopy applications. VersaChrome filters allows researchers and OEM designers to fine-tune edge positions, optimize fixed passband center wavelengths, and create unique passband widths to maximize signal and contrast within their instrument.
Monolithic Display Chips and Point Sources from EpiGap Optronic
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EpiGap manufactures samples and series of LEDs in different packages, lens shapes, view angles and wavelengths in the range from 255 nm to 1720 nm. EpiGap also manufactures Monolithic Display Chips for small optical systems enable to present numbers, letters and symbols for reticles in optical instruments. Various and frequently changing information can be visualized in a very small area and each segment can be addressed separately.
The high efficiency red colour (630 nm) of these AlInGaP based chips can be activated at low currents with low power consumption, resulting in extended battery life in portable optical devices. Point Source LED Chips are designed for illuminations with a parallel light beam, eliminating any obstruction and dark spots.

Available wavelengths are red (650nm) and infrared (850nm) with apertures of emitting areas of Ø 25µm, Ø 50µm, Ø 100µm, Ø 150µm or Ø 200µm. EpiGap’s focus is customers’ needs of product quality and service. With their experienced team they realize customer orders for standard products and customer specific solutions with empathy and precision in development as well as in serial production.
tec5 Launches New Website
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Informative and up to date - tec5 is pleased to announce its new website. The focus of the redesign has been on improving user guidance, streamlining content, and enhancing user experience. By means of coloured icons, content can be easily assigned to specific topics. Navigation between content of interrelated topics is also much more intuitive. In this way, users can quickly and easily find the information they are looking for.
Since 1993, the tec5 group develops and manufactures high-grade industrial systems and components for process analytic. Custom designed spectrometers and photometers are used in manifold applications of goods inspection, process monitoring and control, integrated on-line, in-line, at-line or mobile as handheld.
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