Welcome to Optonyx Newsletter #2 for 2021 Webbversion
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Welcome to Optonyx Newsletter #2 for 2021
New products at Optonyx! We have just added two new suppliers that we introduce in this newsletter. Cailabs are making extremely high performing optics for ultrafast and high power lasers, and Arroyo Instruments makes extremely accurate laser diode drivers. Also Continuum is releasing a new high energy ultrafast pump laser called Surelite 4. Read more below.

Optonyx now distributes Cailabs’ CANUNDA optics
for ultrafast and high power lasers
Caialbs - Shaping the light
CANUNDA HP optics for beam shaping
CANUNDA HP optics for beam shaping
CANUNDA by Cailabs is a beam shaping solution that can significantly improve the quality and efficiency of ultrafast laser manufacturing processes such as laser cutting, drilling and texturing of different materials. Additionally, Cailabs also addresses multi kW laser applications targeting metal welding, cutting and additive manufacturing.

Optonyx will distribute the CANUNDA product lines in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Adding the CANUNDA range to our portfolio is a strong complement to our ultrafast and high power lasers from Continuum and Spark Lasers.

Arroyo Instruments - for laser diode and LED drivers
Arroyo Instruments
Arroyo Instruments designs, manufactures and markets highly accurate laser diode drivers, temperature controllers, and fixtures for test and measurement of laser diodes and LEDs. They offer excellent value for money, and their products are backed by years of engineering experience in the industry.

Arroyo Instruments offers a broad range of laser drivers to meet your exact test needs. From 100 milliamps to 100 Amps, all of Arroyo Instruments' LaserSource benchtop laser drivers include unique features not found on competing products such as optically isolated photodiode and modulation inputs, programmable PD bias, and both RS232 and USB computer interfaces.

Arroyo 4400 Diode Laser Driver
Arroyo 4400 Laser Diode Driver
Arroyo 6300 combo Laser Diode Driver and TEC controller
Arroyo 6300 combo Laser Diode Driver and TEC controller

Continuum releases new Surelite 4 high energy laser
Continuum - Member of Amplitude Laser Group
Continuum, owned by Amplitude Laser Group, launches Surelite 4 – a new high energy pump laser platform for ultrafast lasers.

Internationally recognized for the quality of their laser beams, Continuum has developed and manufactured Surelite 4 to work with the ultrashort lasers developed by Amplitude. This new 100 Hz laser platform delivers the necessary pumping energy and beam quality to stimulate high energy and high repetition rate.

Surelite 4 draws upon 40 years of laser experience in laser design based on the basic thesis of “Energy through Efficiency” – the recognition that the best high energy laser beams are produced when excess heat is kept to a minimum in the gain media.

With Surelite 4 you get excellent beam quality and unmatched output energies. Compact and flexible, Surelite 4 is the ideal choice for pumping OPOs or Ti:sapphire lasers.
Surelite 4 laser from Continuum
Surelite 4 laser from Continuum
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