Highlights in this newsletter:  Study visit til research facilities DESY and XFEL, Almedalen Week, Swedish Big Science Forum 2024
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Dear Big Science Sweden members and friends 
Our activities this spring have included intensive outreach work to spread information about the wide variety of career routes in Big Science. More Swedes working at the international research organisations increases the chances of Swedish industry winning contracts.

We are now meeting students showing great interest in, for example, CERN’s Technical Student Programme. This bodes well for the future. See our home page on career opportunities.

Summer is on the way, and we'll hopefully see you at Almedalen Week in late June? We'll be there, putting a focus on how high-tech orders to research facilities strengthen Swedish research and innovation.

Enjoy your summer!
Catarina Sahlberg, Programme Director
Highlights in this newsletter:
  • Study visit to research facilities DESY and XFEL
  • Almedalen Week
  • Swedish Big Science Forum 2024
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Study visit to DESY and XFEL results in strategic contacts
Germany Three member companies – MTC Powder Solutions, 2B Best Business, and Neonest – recently joined Big Science Sweden on a study visit to the Hamburg science innovation ecosystem and the research facilities DESY and XFEL. The packed programme also offered opportunities for the companies to present their competencies and make key contacts.
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ENCCS provides support in accessing and using supercomputers
Partner Does your company work with computer-intensive analysis or modelling? You can now get access to consultancy services and training – completely free!
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Meet us at Almedalen Week in Visby
How can Sweden grow through technological development and business with large research facilities? During Almedalen Week Big Science Sweden is arranging a panel debate on the benefit of large international research facilities. 
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Use professional support for innovation
Innovation coaching for SMEs
High-tech companies develop pioneering solutions. Make use of the free, customised innovation support available through RISE, Sweden's research institute and innovation partner.
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MTC Powder Solutions to expand with new production site
Member company A world-leading technology for manufacturing powder metallurgy products has firmly established MTC Powder Solutions as a major player. To meet increasing demand, the company is now building a new advanced production site in Hallstahammar.
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Max Collins, new member of the Big Science Sweden team
Welcome Our new colleague Max Collins will soon defend his doctoral dissertation on the design, optimisation and control of high-power klystron modulators at Lund University. Since 2013, he has been working with high-power electronics R&D at ESS.
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Intensive period for careers initiative
Big Science Sweden Outreach in Uppsala and Luleå This spring, we are intensifying our outreach work, spreading information to Swedish students and researchers about the fantastic career opportunities afforded by Big Science. 
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Register in supplier databases
Don't forget to register! A proven success factor when a company is trying to break into the Big Science market is to first register in the research organisations' databases.
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7 May-12 May 2023, stand C36
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CERN Civil Engineering Business Forum
25-26 May 2023
567 230419 swedish big science forum 2023
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31 January– 1 February 2024 Research and innovation, international collaboration… and new business. If you have attended our previous conferences, you will know what to expect – a forum where representatives from Big Science research facilities, industry, academia, and research institutes can meet.
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