Dear Big Science Sweden members and friends,
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Dear Big Science Sweden members and friends,
After a long, dark winter, we are finally moving towards brighter times.
Thanks to everyone who participated in our recent digital event, Pan-European Partnering in Big Science. Participants learned more about the future needs of research facilities and the advantages of building consortia when submitting bids.
This year, we will finally get the chance to meet again in person. The first event is the Nordic ITER Business Forum in Copenhagen on 29-30 March, and in October, BSBF22 will be held in Granada. Don't forget to register to take part in our Swedish Pavilion.

Best wishes 
Anna Hall, Programme Director
A peek inside: 
  • Two upcoming physical events: Nordic ITER Business Forum in March and Big Science Business Forum, BSBF, in October
  • Pan-European Partnering - no fewer than 109 1-to-1 meetings in an intensive session.
  • Batch production of superconducting magnets
  • Great interest in setting up a competence network in vacuum technology
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Join us and meet ITER representatives in person in Copenhagen
Copenhagen • NordicITER is a lunch-to-lunch conference, where you can meet important business contacts and learn more about ITER. Swedish, Danish and Finnish companies will be brought up to date about about the ITER project and the business opportunities it presents. 
Read more about The Nordic ITER Business Forum
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Fagerström robot system to Forsmark nuclear plant
In 2021, Fagerström Industrikonsult AB, based in Helsingborg, started delivering its purpose-built robotic system, developed in-house, to the nuclear power station in Forsmark for use in decontamination processes.
News / Fagerström Industrikonsult supplies robots to Forsmark nuclear power plant
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Participants from 25 countries joined our virtual brokerage event
Pan-European Partnering in Big Science, 8 January 2022 • Participants were keen to hear about what experts from ITER/F4E, ESO, CERN, and Dones had to say about upcoming business opportunities. During the afternoon, participants took the first steps towards making new, important contacts - no fewer than 109 1-to-1 meetings took place in an intensive session.
News / Pan-European Partnering in Big Science
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Great interest in setting up a competence network in vacuum technology
Vacuum Technology, 13 January 2022 Fredrik Arrhén from the research institute RISE, Marcelo Juni Ferreira from ESS, Mike Olsson from Big Science Sweden, and Thomas Engstedt from Nanovac gave presentations on various aspects of this exciting and advanced field of technology.
News / Stimulating Technical Workshop on vacuum technology
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Researchers at JET have doubled the record for the amount of energy made from atomic fusion
Researchers at the Joint European Torus (JET) fusion experiment in the UK have doubled the record for the amount of energy released from atomic fusion, the process that powers the Sun and all stars.
News / Nuclear fusion reactor smashes energy record
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Superconducting magnets in Sweden
In January, the Ny Teknik journal featured an interesting article about the first batch production of superconducting magnets in Sweden. Two universities and three high-tech companies are involved in the project.
News / Batch production of superconducting magnets
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ESS Neutrino Super Beam 
ESS Neutrino Super Beam is a new particle accelerator project backed by a consortium of scientific institutions from eleven European countries.
News / SVT News: Swedish experiment can provide answers to what happened during the Big Bang
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Tomorrow’s top scientists and innovators must include women
Recognising the role of women and girls in science, not only as beneficiaries, but also as agents of change, the 7th International Day of Women and Girls in Science Assembly, took place on 11 February 2022.
News / Top scientists and innovators must include women

New procurements and their technical specifications
Every Wednesday our member companies are invited to join a weekly online meeting to hear the latest news about current procurements and to chat with our ILO contacts.
If you have not received an invitation, please contact us.

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Join our Swedish Pavilion at BSBF 2022 in Granada
BSBF 2022 is the main international meeting place for the Big Science Research Infrastructures and industry. This year’s congress will be held in Granada, Spain, 4-7 October.
Big Science Sweden will be hosting a Swedish Pavilion that will form a hub for our member companies participating in the event.
Register for the Swedish Pavilion
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ELT Instruments Day
Tuesday, 5 April 2022
Participation by invitation only
Calendar / ELT Instruments Day
301 nordic iter busines forum
Nordic ITER Business Forum
29-30 March 2022 •  Copenhagen
Calendar / The NordicITER
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Participation by invitation only
Wednesday, 2 March 2022
Calendar / BigScience@LTU
239 210408 chalmers
Date to be decided
Calendar / BigScience@Chalmers
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For students, graduates, and experienced professionals
International opportunities • Our outreach programme is aimed at Swedish students at bachelor’s (first cycle), master’s (second cycle), and doctoral (third cycle) levels, researchers, and experienced professionals. Contact us to arrange an informal discussion about your situation.
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The Big Science Sweden team is growing
Over the past year, we have welcomed some new colleagues. Several of our part-time staff are shared with universities and institutes, which gives us a broad coverage.
Mike Olsson has joined us in Lund, Carin Eklöf-Österberg and Philip Gillgard are based at Chalmers Industriteknik in Gothenburg, Mattias Viktorsson works at RISE in Borås, and Lars-Åke Isakson and Jonas Hjelm are based at LTU Business in Luleå.
News / We asked them to briefly describe their professional careers
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