November 2022
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Dear Big Science Sweden members and friends 
This autumn has been filled with rewarding meetings, not least during BSBF in Granada. Our popular Technical Seminars also give participants the opportunity to make important new contacts and acquire new knowledge. We invite key people from the research organisations to give us the latest information about technological advances and upcoming needs.

At our Technical Seminar on Remote Handling in October, ITER, ESS and CERN gave us fascinating insights into advanced applications of new remote handling technology. Our next Technical Seminar, on 6 December, concerns advanced manufacturing, and representatives from ESS and CERN will be talking about sub-contractor opportunities. Don’t miss this, and don’t forget to register!

Best wishes
Catarina Sahlberg, Programme Director
Highlights in this newsletter:
• Big Science ecosystem in focus at BigScience@RISE
• First Thematic Industry Days at CERN proves popular
• Check out our report from BSBF2022
Big Science Sweden, November 2022
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Remote handling – applications and upcoming needs at ITER, ESS and CERN
Our Focused Technical Workshop on Remote Handling 2022 attracted many participants, and gave us a fascinating insight into advanced applications of new remote handling technology, as well as updates about future needs and the industrial expertise ITER, ESS and CERN will be looking for.

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Join our Big Science Technical Seminar: Advanced Manufacturing
Date and time: Tuesday, 6 December 2022, 09:00 - 11:00
At this online Technical Seminar, representatives from ESS and CERN will be talking about upcoming sub-contractor opportunities in advanced manufacturing.

Big Science research facilities are especially interested in Swedish mechanical engineering companies, as they often have the necessary technical expertise to take a project from early design to finished product.

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Big Science ecosystem in focus at BigScience@RISE
Monica Ringvik, CTO at RISE, described RISE’s role in the Big Science ecosystem. RISE uses the research facilities for experiments, and supports Swedish companies that wish to use or become suppliers to the facilities.

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First Thematic Industry Days at CERN proves popular
This new event, Thematic Industry Days at CERN, increases awareness of CERN’s technical activities and procurement procedures. The event also stimulates new contacts between CERN and high-tech suppliers, and between suppliers from member states.


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Check out our report from BSBF2022
“Events like BSBF make the Big Science world feel more like a community," said F4E's Leonardo Biagioni in the concluding plenary session. We agree! Seminars, 1-to-1 meetings, meetings over coffee… so many points of contact, so many opportunities to network.

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“Student programme at CERN can open the door to a career in Big Science”
In a popular lunch seminar at the Ångström Laboratory at Uppsala University, Julia Hellström, Big Science Sweden, talked about how she heard about the Technical Student Programme at CERN, how she ended up doing research there, and how it helped her career.

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ESS/MAX IV Summit 2022 (online)
Friday, 25 November 2022
External event
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Glögg and lussebullar for Swedes working at CERN
Tuesday, 6 December 2022
Join us in Room 2/R-030 from 17.00 to meet other Swedes working at CERN, those involved in the CERN Council week, former workers, researchers, and visitors.
Big Science Sweden
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Philip Gillgard joins Big Science Sweden Knowledge Transfer Office
Our knowledge transfer team has recently been strengthened by the addition of Philip Gillgard, who will be dividing his time between Chalmers Industriteknik in Göteborg and Big Science Sweden.

Research facilities
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Register on supplier databases!
Make sure your company name is in the discussion when research facilities are looking for suppliers. Register your company details in the supplier databases today if you haven’t already done so.

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