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Hyvä asiakkaamme, tässä poimintoja Ophir Photonicsin viimeisimmästä ePulse uutiskirjeestä 09/2020
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216 Chances and challenges 1x1
Challenges and Opportunities of UV Disinfection
Inactivating pathogens like a SARS-CoV-2 virus on surfaces with UV radiation can be an effective, safe, and environmentally friendly disinfection method...
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640x640transp 218 Key to Successful Beam Profiling
Beam Attenuation: A Key to Successful Beam Profiling
Sensors used in most beam profiling instrumentation are very sensitive, saturating at power levels of ~1 microWatt per cm2, much lower than the irradiance of even the lowest power lasers. Thus, beam profiling is a lot about carefully attenuating the power level so the beam can be analyzed. This is critical because lasers designed for cutting sheet steel will also have no trouble cutting through a beam profiler if the beam power isn't attenuated!
The good news is there are reliable methods to reduce the beam power to levels required while preserving the beam profile integrity.
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219 ARCoatings fig1
640x640transp Antireflection Coatings for High-Power Fiber Laser Optics
640x640transp The  nature of macro-materials processing applications, such as cutting and welding metal sheets, requires laser optics to perform properly at correspondingly high laser powers and power density levels. Minimizing losses due to absorption is of crucial importance to laser reliability and performance.
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640x640transp 220 Wide beam imager
Measuring Large and Divergent Beams
The Ophir Wide Beam Imager device is available now!
It is a calibrated device that can handle beam angles of 30 degrees and higher. The Wide Beam Imager device is capable of imaging any beam shape (round, line, or square) that is too large for a camera sensor.
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