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Digital Holography Microscope
New Lyncée Tec microscope: DHM® T100
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Explore cell health and physiopathological processes with the EVOLUTIVE DHM® T series by Lyncée Tec
With the Digital Holography Microscope DHM® T100, you benefit from the Quantitative Phase Imaging power, and can upgrade it step by step to a multi-modal high-end DHM® T1000 system according to your needs.
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DHM® T100 system
  • Single and fixed objective (large choice of magnifications available)
  • Manual sample stage
  • Single wavelength
  • Acquisition and control software
  • Analysis software for single site
  • PC and screen
Upgrade packages
  • Turret with multiple objectives
  • Motorized stage for multisite measurements
  • Fluorescence module
  • Environmental control chamber
  • Analysis software modules: Multisite, End-points, Time-lapse, phase-fluo correlation, 4D tracking
DHM®: monitor cell health state
and underlying physiopathological processes  
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Digital Holographic Microscopy records Quantitative Phase Images to measure morphology and intracellular protein content, two key endogenous markers. This label-free technique ensures measurements without perturbing cells.

Applications and publications:
  • Cytotoxicity
  • Cell migration/proliferation
  • Drug screening
  • Cardiomyocytes dynamics
  • Hematology
  • Adipogenesis
  • 4D tracking
  • Optical patch clamp
  • Fluorescence correlation      ...and much more
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For any DHM® purchase based on a remote live-demo, Lyncée commits to plant trees through the non-profit organization OneTreePlanted and to provide you with a certificate.
  • A remote session is organized. We provide you with a link to join it
  • Ideally, send us your own samples to be tested prior to the remote session
  • We measure your sample LIVE, or similar sample if not provided
  • A camera enables you to visualize the measurement system, its use and its environment
  • We will share the system screen to discuss with you the measurements and data analysis
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