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Circuit breaker reliability is the key to data center reliability
More capacity is needed in today´s data center and the trend within both, datacom and telecom, is to shift from 48 VDC and AC systems to 380/400 VDC systems. This is to minimize energy losses and simplify system design.
Until now, there has not been any suitable MCBs for higher DC voltages. Now, however, CBI’s newly developed Y-Frame is available. It is based on the proven hydraulic-magnetic principle, which means that the circuit breaker is not affected by high nor low ambient temperatures. The trip point will always be maintained regardless of the ambient temperature and no de-rating is required.
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Lower energy consumption

Hydraulic-magnetic circuit protection is significantly more energy-efficient than traditional thermal breakers. This is due to the lower internal resistance of the breakers.
Space saving

Key for cost efficiency in a data center is space saving and with the 13 mm wide Y-frame you can design the most competitive solution.
Reliable maintenance-free
circuit protection

The components are carefully selected for maximum lifetime. The sensing mechanism in all our products is hermetically sealed and requires no maintenance.
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The CBI Y-frame
640x640transp The CBI Y-frame is an example of a circuit breaker highly suitable in today´s data center. One 13mm pole can handle 300 VDC and 2 poles in series up to 600VDC. It can also be delivered in electrical 2 pole construction, breaking both + and -
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Company presentation

Have a look at our latest company presentation and see how you can befit from our circuit protection solutions. Features are for instance:
  • Dedicated for DC
  • Compact
  • Temperature independent
  • Different mounting (front mount/DIN rail)
  • Motorized circuit breakers
  • Energy efficient

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Emcomp accessories
We are also supporting with accessories to our circuit breakers:
  • Power cables
  • Power connectors
  • Signal harness
  • Busbar systems
  • Sealing boots
  • Design support
  • Sub assembly and kitting service
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