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The CBI RAU - Remote Actuation Unit
World class compact battery circuit breaker, suitable for Renewable Energy and Energy Storage.

The CBI DD-frame is a very compact and reliable hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker ideal for battery applications, power supplies and distribution of larger loads in branch protection circuits. For applications including energy storage, battery management and telecom UPS systems, it is an advantage to be able to fully control the status of the MCB, remotely switching to OFF and ON, as well as being able to remotely reset the MCB after an electrical fault. A CBI DD-frame can be fitted in remote areas as well as in places where it’s not necessarily easy to access the circuit breaker in the equipment but still have full control in terms of operating the MCB.

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186 RAU
The CBI Remote Acutatio Unit
Using the CBI RAU together with a CBI DD-frame in your application enables you to take your equipment to the next level in terms of remote accessibility, as well as giving the possibility to dramatically reduce maintenance cost and system down time if a non-fatal fault tripping occurs.

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