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The picture above is illustrating the space differences. 
Both rows containing 25Pcs of MCBs; hydraulic-magnetic vs thermal breakers. 
Circuit protection where space is limited 
or when heat becomes an issue

Need more MCBs but have no space available?
Do your customers ask for a more compact solution?
Do you need to de-rate your MCBs because of heat?

The solution is here!

The hydraulic-magnetic mechanism is temperature independent and therefore the circuit breaker can be made thinner. The module width can be reduced from 18mm to 13mm, enabling >30% more distribution points and perfect conditions for compact solutions on DIN rails.

Thermal circuit breakers still dominate the market overall, but hydraulic-magnetic breakers have made great inroads into segments such as telecom power, marine applications and in renewable energy and energy storage applications.

Space costs money and space-saving circuit protection can make applications more profitable. Especially when you can design your system with the current ratings you need and not de-rate because of elevated temperatures. De-rating means adjusting your entire system for higher current then the application actually needs. In other words increased cost for cables, busbar systems etc.

Read more about the temperature aspect here
HYMAG vs thermal
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The CBI Q-series

Emcomp distributes the CBI Hy-Mag Q-serie that includes breakers with a module size of 13mm. The compact size enables 30% more distribution points compared to the traditional width of 18mm.

The Q range can be delivered as AC MCB as well as a dedicated DC MCB. As all Hy-Mag products it keeps rated current regardless of ambient temperature.
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Emcomp services

Except the hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers, Emcomp can assist you with a variety of products within circuit protection and connection technology. We can assist with extra service such as customized cable solutions, battery breaker boxes, busbars, packaging services and complete subsystems.

Let´s discuss for your best solution!
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