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Circuit Protection to rely on

CBI's HY-MAG circuit breakers are what we call Hydraulic-Magnetic MCBs. For you as a user, this means that they always keep rated current within the temperature range -40ºC - + 85ºC, which gives design advantages if the application is exposed to fluctuating ambient temperatures. They are also more accurate in their tripping characteristic by always trip at their specified overload level, regardless of which temperature they have around them. The technology also make it possible to design a narrower module size which is a clear competitive advantage, especially in  distribution applications where you want to get many distribution points on a small area.

Read more about the benefits with Hy-Mag solutions here.
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Meet us at the Amper fair
640x640transp Want to talk about circuit breakers to rely on? Meet Lukas Pamula and Andreas Anselmius at the Amper fair in Brno, Czech Republic May 17-20. A fair of electrotechnics, energetics, automation, communication, lighting, and security technologies.

You can find us at booth P5.41

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Customized solutions and accessories
The heart and soul of Emcomp is Hydraulic-Magnetic circuit breakers from CBI. But since we also deliver related products, like cable harness, busbar systems, mounting brackets and enclosures it is natural to offer our customers more complex solutions in order to simplify their own production.

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