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Soon Required: DMARC Email Authentication

Soon Required: DMARC Email Authentication

Yahoo and Google recently announced new email requirements starting February 1, 2024. These rules apply to all Lime Marketing customers.

  • As the new rules take effect, Lime Marketing will require DMARC for each sending domain your team uses. DMARC is an instruction for receiving mail servers that tells them what to do when they get an email from your domain that is not authenticated (meaning failed SPF and/or DKIM).

What steps need to be taken?

Please follow the instructions below to share information with your IT team. Your IT team might need to take action!

  • As a Lime Marketing Administrator, go to Administration and then click Sending Domains.
  • If one or more of your domains has a warning under DMARC, your IT team needs to take action.
  • Click on that domain to access its settings.

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  • Click Configuration Instructions to see the instructions.

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  • Click to open the Deliverability Toolbox to check DMARC settings.

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Note: Only administrators in Lime Marketing can see the Administration tools.