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Lots of lovely books - five author discussions - one book club
The Alumni Network and the Creative Writing programme have selected five Swedish authors (who are also Lund University alumni) to be featured in our first-ever book club. You choose which of the books you want to read and when. During the autumn, you are welcome to take part in our digital writer talks, where you will be able to ask all your questions and discuss the books directly with the authors and other alumni.

The discussions will be held in Swedish and focus mainly on the recently published books. Register your interest and read more about this exclusive book club. Participation is free of charge, as usual!

To see all information on the book club books, authors and dates and to sign up, please visit the Swedish webpage here (in Swedish).

If you don't speak/read Swedish, but you still want to read something and join in, three of the chosen authors have had their bestselling books translated and published in English.

Additional books available in English:
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Before the River Takes Us by Helena Thorfinn

Thorfinn is a bestselling Swedish fiction writer and journalist, born in Lund in 1964. Her books are noted for their interest in international development, poverty, human rights and ex-pat experiences. Before the publication of her first book, Innan Floden Tar Oss (Before the River Takes Us) in 2012, Thorfinn worked in international development. This followed a career as a journalist in national print and broadcast media in Sweden. She has also produced documentaries for national TV. Before the River Takes Us has been translated into Polish, Norwegian, Icelandic and English.


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A Nearly Normal Family by Mattias Edvardsson

Edvardsson is a writer and upper secondary school teacher of Swedish and psychology. In 2016, he made his debut with a book published by Forum entitled En nästan sann historia (An Almost True Story) and he had a major international breakthrough in 2018 with the thriller En helt vanlig familj (A Nearly Normal Family). It was translated into thirty-three languages and was acclaimed by both reviewers and readers. He has recently published a new book, En familjetragedi (A Family Tragedy).


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My Brother by Karin Smirnoff

Karin Smirnoff worked as a journalist before she got tired of it and bought a carpentry factory. After a few years, she missed writing and applied to Lund University’s Creative Writing programme with what would become her debut novel: Jag for ner till bror (My Brother). It was received with great enthusiasm and she was nominated for the August Prize in 2018 in the literary fiction category. Book two, Vi for upp med mor (My Mother), was published in spring 2019 and the trilogy was completed in 2020 with Sen for jag hem (Then I Went Home). By December 2020, her series about Jana Kippo had sold more than 500 000 copies. She has recently published a new book entitled Sockerormen (The sugar snake).


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