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New application deadlines for incoming exchange students
UPDATE | 1 March 2023
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Dear colleagues,

Greetings from Lund University, we hope all is well with you.

With reference to the new migration policies in Sweden that we informed you about last October, we would like to give you an update on measures Lund University has taken to help incoming exchange students in this process.

Lund University's efforts

Since November 2022 the Swedish migration policy requires students applying for residence permit for Sweden to present their passports in person to a Swedish Embassy or Consulate General to verify their identity. This applies to students who need a residence permit for studying in Sweden (i.e., non-EU citizens).
For reference, see previous e-mail from Lund University from October 2022

Lund University has reached out to important decision-makers, the Swedish Migration Agency and national media to discuss the effect of the new requirement on incoming international students and staff.

The Swedish Government has recently announced to introduce exemptions to the new migration policy for citizens of countries where no visa is required for entry into Sweden (i.e. visa exempt countries). We do not yet know any specific details of these exemptions, but we will follow the developments of this closely in the coming weeks and months, and make sure to communicate any new guidelines as soon as they come through.

To clarify, the requirement to verify passports will still be imposed for all applicants, across all countries, but specific efforts will be made to make the process easier to navigate for applicants of visa exempt countries. 
Find a list of foreign citizens who require Visa for entry into Sweden

New application deadlines

To give students a chance to apply for a residence permit as early as possible, Lund University has decided to shorten the application period for incoming exchange students. The nomination period will remain the same.

Autumn semester 2023 and full academic year 2023/2024

Nomination period: 15–31 March
Application period: 1–15 April NEW DATES!

Spring semester 2024

Nomination period: 15–30 September
Application period: 1–15 October NEW DATES!

Updated Fact sheet

Partner with a university-wide agreement with Lund University can download an updated Fact sheet for 2023/2024 for a summary of all practical details.
Find the updated Fact sheet for Lund University university-wide agreements for 2023/2024

For partners with a faculty specific agreement with Lund University – the faculties will send you their updated Fact sheets together with the nomination instructions for the autumn semester 2023.

The students' responsibility

Students should apply for residence permit immediately after receiving their Letter of Acceptance (LoA). We advise students to start preparing for their residence permit application even before they have received their LoA. Note however, that the completed application can be submitted no earlier than 4 months before the start of the semester (the date stated in the Letter of Acceptance).

It is the students’ responsibility to read and follow the instructions from the Swedish Migration Agency. It is imperative that students apply on time, otherwise they risk not getting a residence permit in time for arrival in Lund!
Information regarding residence permit for exchange students on the Lund University website

Kind regards,
Student Experience and Mobility Team
External Relations, Lund University