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Alumni Newsletter | 5 April 2023
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Being an alum is paying off – exclusive discounts for network members!
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Introducing the new digital membership card and exclusive discounts for alumni!
This means that as a member, you will receive attractive offers from the University’s cultural centres as well as exclusive discounts from our partners.
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New student financing for those who are mid-career
Do you dream about developing your skills, perhaps changing careers or increasing your opportunities in the labour market? 

Have you heard that there is a new type of student finance available for mid-career adults in Sweden that gives you the chance to further develop skills in your professional field or completely change your career path, while receiving up to 80% of your salary?

Several courses provide the opportunity for flexibility by being given remotely and at a reduced pace of study.
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Are you an engineer or a physiotherapist – look this way!
At Lund University, you have the opportunity to come back mid-career to enhance your professional growth and development. We have handpicked courses suitable for professionals within for your field. (in Swedish).
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Easter special: Jesus – man or myth?
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Christianity is the world’s largest religion and has meant more for the growth and development of Western culture than any other movement or system of thought. In light of this, making a claim that its founder never existed is an extremely provocative statement. 

Surely, Jesus is an historical person? Two millennia of traditions cannot be built on a bluff, can they? Lund historian Dick Harrison describes what evidence there is, if we turn to the actual sources, that Jesus lived.
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First patient receives milestone stem cell-based transplant for Parkinson’s Disease
In February, a transplant of stem cell-derived nerve cells was administered to a person with Parkinson’s at Skåne University Hospital, Sweden. The product has been developed by Lund University and it is now being tested in patients for the first time.

Charges against Putin unlikely

Food prices on the increase – are we worse off in Sweden?

The faculties’ honorary doctors for 2023

New climate report: "Near-term action is crucial"

Earlier take-off could lead to fewer bumblebees and less pollination

Unique spices found on 500-year-old medieval shipwreck

Working conditions of care workers to be studied in the EU

Respite for Ukrainian students through collaboration with LTH

AI could improve mental health care
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Featured events
27 April – Alumni Reception in London
The Alumni Network invites you to an event with informal networking, inspiring alumni stories and a quiz.

4 May – Physics and Laser Show for Alumni Network members
Attend on your own or bring the whole family when the Alumni Network invites you to a special presentation of the Physics and Laser Show by the Department of Physics (two events for children and one for adults). The invitation will be sent via email.

17-22 April – Sustainability Week

During the week, there will be around 50 lectures, seminars, workshops, guided tours and exhibitions – all linked to environmental, economic and social sustainable development. (in Swedish & English)

14-15 April – Humanities and Theology Days
It is time for this year's HT days and the theme is New Horizons. (in Swedish & English)

18 April – Seminar “How to run a university under war: experiences and coping strategies from Ukraine”
Representatives from LU and the Taras Shevchenko National University in Kiev (TSNUK) will will host this seminar.

30 April-1 May – Celebrations on 30 April and 1 May
Welcome to the traditional celebrations to mark 30 April and 1 May with the donning of student caps, the students' May Day speech to the Vice-Chancellor and the Lund University Male Voice Choir, singing to welcome the beginning of spring. (in Swedish)
More events
See the complete Lund University calendar here

12 April – Guided tour. Spring in the greenhouses (in Swedish)

26 April – AI Lund Lunch Seminar: When 'AI for good' is harmful

27 April – Diploma recital concert for chamber music

4 May – After #MeToo: Feminism, Sexual violence and Criminalization. A symposium at the Faculty of Law

5 May – Beast machines, Dreamachines, and the mystery of consciousness

6 May – Star Wars, The Music of John Williams

10 May – Lund's first female students – Who were they? What happened to them? (in Swedish)

13 May – Lund Academic Choir's spring concert

15 May – Networking event in Brussels with the Pro Vice-Chancellors of the Universities in South Sweden

23 May – AI* Nordic Powwow

25 May – The Green and Digital Transition: A Research Perspecitve (in Brussels)

26 May – Doctoral degree conferment ceremony

27 May – Plant market at the Botanical Garden

1 June – UNEXPECTED Art and Science Innovation Forum
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Watch – Debate in Lund. Should people write as they want to?
Some people think it is cool to write as they speak. Others are more old school and freak out when new generations say something cringeworthy. Should we let language go with the flow or are Swedish speakers to continue fighting to teach the youth of today the finer points of grammar? (in Swedish)

Listen – A Sensational History of Lund
Tales of murder, Machiavellian politics and eccentric mathematicians are plentiful in this special and sensational edition of Lund University’s International Podcast.

Listen – Prime Minister Evening
Prime Minister Evenings have a long and beloved tradition that started in 1934 when Per Albin Hansson was the guest of the Student Evening Committee. It is time for Ulf Kristersson. Podcast edition from Studentafton / the Student Evening. (in Swedish)

Watch – A Man Called Otto
Currently in cinemas and available for streaming, the film A Man Called Otto, with Tom Hanks in the title role, is based on the Swedish book (and film) En man som heter Ove, which was written by Lund alumnus Fredrik Backman.

Read – Strategiskt lyssnande (Strategic listening)
The authors Mats Heide and Anette Svingstedt address everyone in an organisation who is really interested in strengthening relationships and increasing trust in others, not least between employees and managers. (in Swedish)
Alumna in focus: Working through guilt and growing as a person
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Meet Ulrica Fritzson, a former prison chaplain who has long felt frustrated that convicts who have committed serious crimes have no outlet for processing their guilt. 

This led her to Lund University, where she started researching a way out for criminals.When the worst happens, when a person hurts or kills another, there is no room for dialogue and reconciliation – whether for the perpetrator, the victim, or the family. But then what? How does someone move on with their lives and mend what has been broken?
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How Swedish Easter traditions have changed
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Entertainment bans, closed restaurants and gloomy radio symphonies on Good Friday were part of Swedish Easter until the 1970s. What is it that makes us let go of old traditions and add new ones? Ethnologist Karin Gustavsson explains (in Swedish).
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The Alumni Relations Office wishes you all a very happy spring!
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Spring is breaking free in Lund! Photos taken in the Botanical Gardens on 3 April 2023 by alumna Ylva Sörhede.

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