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Alumni Newsletter | 16 June 2023
First real holiday in a very long time!
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"The plan to assassinate me in Almedalen was not decisive in making my mind up about resigning; rather, it came down to a whole series of things that made me feel it was time to round things off and do something else," the former leader of Sweden’s Centre Party, Alumna Annie Lööf tells Lundensaren in an interview.

She is proud and happy about what she has had the chance to experience and everything that she has achieved. Now she feels she has had enough and is ready to move on. Most of all, she is looking forward to doing things with her children.
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The Alumni Network Book Club 2023
This summer, we invite all our alumni to join the Alumni Network’s fantastic book club in which literature-lovers can spend the summer reading books by three of our alumni writers, all of whom have won the August Prize.

Read more about the book club in English
Read the extended information about the book club in Swedish
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If you can’t read Swedish, no problem
If you are unable to read Swedish, several books by the same authors are available in English, such as Patrik Svensson’s international bestseller The Gospel of Eels, Johannes Anyuru’s They Will Drown in Their Mothers’ Tears and Björn Ranelid’s I Gift You My Finest Words. You are welcome to read these instead and we invite your questions in English during the author talks this autumn.
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Invitations & Registration
Invitations and registration links will be sent out by email three weeks before the talks.
We wish you a lovely, literary summer!
Lund Comedy Festival – Alumni get ticket discounts
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The Nordics' largest comedy festival is back in Lund for the 14th year in a row, 31 August - 2 September 2023. At the Lund Comedy Festival, you can experience everything from stand-up to improvisation, music, sketches, conversations, shows and much more. In an exclusive collaboration with the Alumni Network, Lund Comedy Festival now offers all alumni a 20% discount on three comedy shows (one of which is in English).

Log in and update your alumni page to retrieve your discount codes.

Interested in other tickets?
Visit for more information and don't forget to follow @lundcomedy on Instagram.

Read more about your alumni discounts here.
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Update and renew your competence at Lund University!
Don’t miss out on a wide range of free-standing courses that the University has tailored for you as a professional! We also offer MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) that you can sign up for continuously throughout the year, master's programmes and commissioned training that your employer pays for.

Take a look at our page for professional development and continuing education at (in Swedish) 
and start thinking about your opportunities! The next application period for free-standing courses starting in the spring semester of 2024 is 15 September to 16 October 2023.
A tent for raising serious issues
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The LU tent will soon be raised in Visby for two days of panel discussions. The University’s programme for Almedalen Week highlights the global challenges we are facing – such as air pollution and food poverty. However, the programme also inspires hope of finding solutions in external engagement between academia and society at large.
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Publish or protest – should climate researchers be activists?
Should climate researchers let their findings speak for themselves, or does the state of the planet mean that it is a duty to take to the barricades?
Read the article or watch the English spoken debate: Debatt i Lund
6231 Loreen
The PhD student and climate activist David Alcer gets on the stage during Loreen's performance at the Swedish Melody Festival. Photo: Johan Nilsson/TT

Football World Cup – How to build a winning team

Dinosaurs were the first to take the perspectives of others

Forum Medicum – the Faculty of Medicine’s new building is now ready for move-in

New discoveries about where atherosclerotic plaques rupture can lead to preventive treatments

Working remotely during the pandemic created social filter bubbles

Scientists discover rare element in exoplanet’s atmosphere

US, Europe subsidize rapidly expanding petrochemical industry

Lund University in cooperation on sustainable development in Africa

More news from Lund University
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Listen: Humorkunskap / Humor science
What happens if we combine humor and science? Since 2017, comedians and researchers from Lund University have met in live conversations in front of an audience at the Lund Comedy Festival. Here are all the talks in a podcast version (in Swedish).

Read: Studentafton, Lund’s window to the world
What do Queen Silvia, Frank Zappa, Leni Riefenstahl and Mel C of the Spice Girls have in common? They have all traveled to Lund to take part in the Academic Association's Student Evening. The book is an expanded new edition and richly illustrated (in Swedish).

Listen: Minds over Matters – Housing policies and rent regulations
A new podcast from the School of Economics and Managment. In the first episode, Professor Emeritus Lars Jonung takes a closer look at the background, effects and alternatives to rent regulation (in Swedish).

Listen: About the lives and thoughts of philosophers

"About the lives and thoughts of philosophers" is a podcast from the Department of Philosophy. With 55 interesting episodes to date on everything from self-knowledge to the future as a moral philosophical problem. Some episodes are in English.
Flick through the photos from the doctoral degree conferment ceremony 2023
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Doctoral degree conferment ceremony on the 26 May 2023. See the photos!
Visit Flickr here
Visit Lund and the University this summer!
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The Vattenhallen Science Centre, the Botanical Garden and the museums have activities and shows throughout the summer.
Read more to find the opening times (in Swedish)

Is a friend or family member interested in studying at Lund University? Go on a campus tour this summer!

Don't forget to follow the Alumni Network on Instagram and share your photos with us if you are visiting Lund. And with that, we wish you all a great summer (or winter, in case you live in the Southern Hemisphere 😀🌎)!