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Alumni Newsletter | 27 October 2023
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What are you afraid of?
Autumn is now entering its "creepy" period, which we are celebrating in this "fear" issue of Lundensaren. What are you afraid of? Tell us on the Alumni Network's Instagram and Facebook.
Therapy for all!
Did you know that everyone, with or without phobias, is welcome to contact Lund University's Psychotherapy Clinic? The clinic offers a reduced price for psychotherapy provided by students in the 5-year psychology programme.
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Four things we should fear about AI
In a dystopian future, a battle is raging between humanity and an artificial intelligence whose purpose is to eradicate humans. Does that sound familiar from any films you have seen?
But are these Hollywood dystopias an accurate depiction of our future if we are not careful?

We asked Professor in Mathematics, Kalle Åström, and AI Lund – what should we fear when it comes to AI?
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Is your upcoming presentation keeping you awake at night?
To speak or perform in front of an audience is one of the most common fears among people – and that's precisely why the Malmö Academy of Music addresses stage fright amongst its future 'performers' by including the course 'The Performing Human Being' in the curriculum. You, too, can benefit from the techniques taught in this course.

In the article Fear of public speaking? How to become less nervous about performing in front of an audience, you'll find several smart tips to alleviate nervousness.
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Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded to Anne L'Huillier
Anne L'Huillier, Professor of Atomic Physics at Lund University, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics together with Pierre Agostini and Ferenc Krausz. “It feels absolutely incredible. Fantastic! I am very proud”, she says.
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The first reaction
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More News
How video games are being used by foreign actors and extremists

New catalyst could provide liquid hydrogen fuel of the future

Lund University and Tetra Pak launch Biotech Heights (in Swedish)

Regarding the Israel-Hamas Conflict (in Swedish)

Negative attitudes towards breastfeeding in public still an issue

Professor Claudia Goldin – winner of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel

Disease affects blackbirds more than previously thought

Politicians not following experts’ advice on tax

33,195 applicants for spring courses at Lund University (in Swedish)
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The Alumni Network's events
Lund University Reception in Singapore
2 November

Author Talk with Johannes Anyuru (in Swedish)
7 November

Webinar: Working in Sweden as an international graduate
21 November

The Alumni Network Lucia Celebration
13 December
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More events at the University
Curses and Witchcraft
28 October
Terrifying music and stories take us into the corridors of madness and explore the dark sides of Skåne's folklore. Hear historian Lena Alebo talk about "the shame" (the devil), witches and sorcery (in Swedish).

Is Skissernas museum haunted?
28 October
What happens at the museum after closing time? Join us for a tour in the darkness where we share stories of mysterious events among the art (in Swedish).

Autumn break at the University
28 October – 5 November

Research Day 2023
7 November Malmö
8 November Lund

The Human in motion – On physical activity and health (in Swedish).

World Diabetes Day Skåne 2023
14 November (In Swedish)

EU Days Lund 2023
14–15 November 

Lund University & Lund University Foundation event at the Swedish Residence in New York
30 November

🍂 In the latest issue of Lundensaren, you can find a comprehensive list of several exciting events this autumn. Plus, information about your discounts.

Check out the full Lund University calendar here

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Alumnus and author Mattias Edvarsson announced on his Instagram that A nearly normal family will be released on Netflix on 24 November 2023. The TV-series was filmed in Lund, and even includes scenes that were shot from the Alumni Office.
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More of Lund on the big screen. The production company FLX announced that they are making the film An honest life (Ett ärligt liv). We don't know if any alumni are involved in the film, but we do know that the University plays a significant role.
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Invest in yourself and boost your competitiveness
Did you happen to miss opening the email from Lund University that compiles information on lifelong learning for professional alumni? If you did, no worries! You can read it now. There, you will find a selection of our popular courses and programs that are suitable for working professionals like yourself.

The newsletter is in Swedish, but contains several links for English speakers, too.
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Read – Death: The Antidote To Misery 
Alumnus and Geology Professor Mats E. Eriksson ventures into the world of fiction in a new book, combining science fiction, horror, mysteries and dark humor with a wealth of paleontological facts.

Listen – Open case / Öppet Fall: The King and the Law
Researchers from the Faculty of Law open up a well-known legal case and analyse it in an open and unbiased manner (in Swedish).

Read – Thoughts after a pandemic / Tankar efter en pandemi
Lund alumnus and Sweden's former State Epidemiologist Anders Tegnell releases a book and provides his own perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic in Sweden (in Swedish).

Watch – Debate in Lund /Debatt i Lund
The Quran burnings. Freedom of expression: Is Sweden an odd outlier or a brave freedom of expression defender? What do academics say?
A haunting at the vicarage! A Lund academic ghost story from the 1840s!
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Supernatural events unfold in the rural countryside of Skåne around the year 1840.
Join archivist Henrik Ullstad, from the University Archive, as he tells a story of deceased pastors, drinking curates, mysterious horses, unexplained fires and windows that have a life of their own.

Beware in the October darkness, for now, there are ghosts haunting the vicarage!
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Survey: The Alumni Network is created with you in mind – so what can we do for you? 
What is important to you? By participating in the survey, you have the opportunity to influence future events, benefits, communication, and skills development opportunities for Lund University alumni.

You will also be entered into a drawing for one of eight gift cards (valued up to 300 SEK) for the University Shop. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete and will remain open until 14 November.

Thank you for participating!
Click here to respond to the survey