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Alumni Newsletter | 8 December 2023 
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Congratulations! You're now an alum of a Nobel university!
Anne L'Huillier joins an exclusive group of Nobel laureates. Only five women have received the Nobel Prize in Physics, with Marie Curie being the first. And even though it is Professor Anne L'Huillier who has won this prize, in some way, it feels like we all have won. We are so proud of Anne and proud of a university that can nurture a Nobel laureate. Additionally, we're proud of the fantastic research environments that Lund University offers.

This is first and foremost Anne's prize. But it's also your prize, because you're now an alum of a Nobel university! That is something to be truly proud of.

How will you celebrate? Tell us on Instagram and Facebook.
Three cheers for Lund. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!

Illustration: Alumnus Reynir Ragnarsson
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Illustration: Niklas Elmehed © Nobel Prize Outreach
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Research in attosecond physics, step by step in pictures – come along into the lab!
Step into LTH's high-tech laser laboratory and observe the everyday reality of attosecond physics. Nedjma Ouahioune and Ann-Kathrin Raab, who are both doctoral students, demonstrate how the facility’s smallest laser system works.
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Photo: European Reseach Council
Everyday laser flashes and real-world attosecond physics
Down in the basement of the Department of Physics, the now world-famous short laser pulses are fired almost daily. This is home to Sweden’s cutting-edge research in attosecond physics. According to Per Eng-Johnsson, professor in atomic, molecular and optical physics at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH), the research field is currently in the midst of a paradigm shift.
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3 significant discoveries benefiting ultrafast laser research – and the world
Anne-Lise Viotti is an associate senior lecturer at the Division of Atomic Physics. Here, she explains three discoveries with major implications for ultrafast science and experiments with attosecond pulses.
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The students recall a "somewhat" historic lecture
It is a mild day in autumn. Business as usual in the Rydbergsalen lecture theatre at Fysicum. Atomic physics is on the agenda for third-year students studying for their Master of Science in Engineering Physics. The lecture started at 10:00 and will end at 12:00, with a short break in the middle. But nothing will be as usual today.
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Welcome to the Nobel Lectures in Physics
On 18 December at 3:15 PM, it is time for the Nobel lectures in Physics with two Nobel laureates: Professor Anne L'Huillier and one of her co-laureates, Professor Pierre Agostini from Ohio State University.

Watch the live streaming here
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LUSEM honorary doctor receives the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences 2023
Claudia Goldin receives the Prize in Economic Sciences for her work on uncovered key drivers of gender differences in the labour market. Goldin has been an honorary doctor at the School of Economics and Management since 2011. The photo is from the doctoral conferment ceremony in May 2011 (photo: Anna Bank).
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Watch: SVT Nobel: Physics Prize Portrait
SVT portrait: Meet this year's French-Swedish physics laureate Anne L’Huillier, who has provided us with tools to peer into the extremely small and fast world of electrons – inside atoms and molecules. The discovery could pave the way for both faster and smaller electronics. We also meet her fellow laureates Pierre Agostini and Ference Krausz. (Mixed language)

Watch: SVT Nobel: Economics Prize Portrait
SVT portrait: Why do men earn higher salaries than women? And is it possible to prioritize family life without suffering financially? We follow this year's Nobel laureate in economics, Claudia Goldin, in her work at Harvard University, but also on a dog walk and into the family's home where exciting discussions are constantly taking place. (Mixed language).

Listen: Calling Anne L'Huillier, Nobel Prize Conversations
In what was surely an understatement, 2023 physics laureate Anne L'Huillier described herself as "A little bit busy" when the Nobel Prize's Adam Smith reached her a couple of hours after she had received the news.

Watch: "Snillen spekulerar" (Geniuses Speculate)

SVT Play and SVT2 on 18 December at 8:00 PM. Several of this year's Nobel laureates gather for a roundtable discussion in the presence of H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria. The laureates discuss the conditions of research in a polarized world, equality in the workplace, and the importance of daring to think big. The production is a collaboration with BBC World.

Watch: Nobel Week

Watch the 2023 Nobel Prize lectures, the Nobel Prize Concert, Nobel Week Dialogue, the prize award ceremonies in Oslo and Stockholm and Nobel Peace Prize Forum.


6973 The Nobel Prize Photo Jeppe Wikstrom
Fun facts about the party of all parties!
  • The first Nobel dinner took place in 1901 and had 113 guests.
  • About 1,300 people now participate in the Nobel Banquet held in the Blue Hall of Stockholm's City Hall.
  • Every year, 200 seats are reserved for students. Dress code, of course: Formal attire.
  • The menu is Scandinavian-themed. Each waiter serves ten partygoers, and 200 extra portions are prepared in case a cart of food overturns.
  • 500 meters of linen, woven of silver-gray yarn, is used to adorn the 63 tables.
  • Guests use 24,480 drinking glasses, cutlery, and porcelain dishes. The festive porcelain was designed by Karin Björkquist, while the glasses and cutlery were designed by Gunnar Cyrén – all for the 90th anniversary of the Nobel Prize in 1991.
  • After dinner, dancing takes place in the Golden Hall. After the banquet, there will be an afterparty by students: Students' Nobel Nightcap, SNNC."
Thanks to all 6,200 of you who filled out the Alumni Network membership survey!
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The Alumni Relations Office at Lund University would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday! We also want to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to all 6,200 of you who filled out the Alumni Network's recent membership survey!

In your responses, we see that:
  • 92% appreciate our email communications and want to see more of them in the future.
  • 87% are interested in our alumni offers and want to visit the University's museums at discounted prices.
  • 69% are very interested in research news, and have likely read this edition of Lundensaren very carefully.
  • 66% are interested in the University's continuing education and skills development, with AI and leadership being the two study areas of highest interest.
  • 49% have a strong interest in exercise and outdoor activities and are probably on their way to "fredagsfys" before settling in front of the TV for "fredagsmys" (54% indicated that movies and TV series are their favorite leisure activities).
  • 13% follow our Instagram account. We need to work on that! Feel free to check out this year's entries in the international students' gingerbread house contest.
    Visit the Alumni Network on Instagram.
As we continue to review and reflect on your responses and wishes, we are committed to making the University's alumni activites even better and more rewarding for all alumni.

We wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a joyful New Year!