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Alumni Newsletter | 1 March 2024
7198 Hela mars %c3%a4r Livsl%c3%a5ngt l%c3%a4rande m%c3%a5nad i Alumnn%c3%a4tverket (2)
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The Career Coach: Ask yourself these questions about your career!
Pernilla Thellmark has extensive experience in career and leadership development. She works as a career coach at the School of Economics and Management at Lund University and also runs the consulting firm Nilla Karriär & Kommunikation. In this article, she provides you with the questions you should ask yourself to make decisions about your career.
7122 Frist%c3%a5ende kurser f%c3%b6r kompetensuteckling engelska
Information about the autumn's professional education is coming soon
On 14 March, an email with information about Lund University's standalone courses for professional and continuing education will be sent out to members of the Alumni Network who have selected Swedish as their preferred language. If you are not a Swedish speaker, please note that there will be a summary of the e-mail posted in English on the Alumni Network Blog on 14 March.

Some courses are offered in English, and most are conducted online. The application period for standalone courses and programmes is open from 15 March until 15 April, and the studies commence in the autumn semester of 2024. Commissioned education and MOOCs have varying application dates.

Learn more about professional and continuing education here (in Swedish)
Check the Alumni Network Blog on 14 March!
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Do I have the right to take a leave of absence to study?
Keep in mind that you often have the right to unpaid leave from your job (if you work in Sweden) to pursue studies. Ask your employer or your union for more information and read up on the Study Leave Act (in Swedish).
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Irene changed her career path and aimed for more job security
After two layoffs, Irene Arnerlind felt that it was time to take the leap and invest in enhancing her skills as well as change her career trajectory. She contacted a study and career guidance counselor, who helped her identify the path she could take to achieve her new goals. This is her story.
7182 fam alumni
What would you do instead?
We asked four of our more well-known alumni – a comedian, a former top politician, a doctor/TV personality and a former archbishop: If you suddenly woke up one day and needed to change careers, which path would you like to explore instead?
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Changing paths – do I dare? | 5 March | Online 
A panel discussion with alumni who took the leap and changed career paths with the help of an additional education. This webinar will be held in Swedish.
Read more and register here (Swedish)
Inspiring alumnae | 8 March | Online
A digital celebration of International Women's Day 2024!
Camilla Mellander, Consul General of Sweden in New York, Charlotte Beskow, retired from a long career within the European Space Agency and Iryna Stavchuk, Ukraine programme manager, European Climate Foundation, all talk about their inspirational careers.
Read more and register here
Learn about student finance for transition and retraining, for adults in the labour market | 11 March | Online
This webinar will provide you with information about CSN’s student finance for transition and retraining, as well as provide you with tips on what to be aware of when applying for it. This webinar will be held in Swedish.
Read more och register here (Swedish)
Future competence demands | 14 March | Online
A panel discussion with representatives from various sectors who will share their experiences and insights regarding what competences and skills are needed in the future. This webinar will be held in Swedish.
Read more and register here (Swedish) 
Save the date!
18 April 
Lund University Scholarship Foundation's Scientific Salon
Cell and Gene Therapy – From Fantasy to Industry (in Swedish)

23 April
Alumni event in London. More information will be available soon.
If you live in the UK, make sure the address on your alumni profile is up to date so you receive the invitation.

For all events at Lund University, please visit
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The brain is 'programmed' for learning from people we like
Our brains are "programmed" to learn more from people we like – and less from those we dislike. This has been shown by researchers in cognitive neuroscience in a series of experiments.

How valuable is Elon Musk’s ‘charismatic’ leadership? – The Conversation
A billion-dollar package for Tesla's CEO Elon Musk was invalidated in January by a judge after a shareholder challenged the package. Organizational researcher Sverre Spoelstra sees it as a step in the right direction.

Unique manufacturing method produces more appealing vegan meat
Vegan food is often sidestepped due to its rubbery consistency. Food technology researchers at Lund University in Sweden have now developed a way to make vegan food more appetising by using new combinations of raw materials.

Destruction of Gaza monitored from space
Physical geographer Lina Eklund is tracking the destruction of Gaza week by week using satellite images. Her analyses could be significant if, once the fighting between Israel and Hamas is over, questions of possible war crimes are raised at the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

Recommendations for young children’s screen time do more harm than good
Recommendations from the WHO on limiting screen time for children under the age of five are almost impossible to follow, and risk causing unnecessary anxiety and stigmatisation of parents of young children, according to a new study.
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Studying when you have children – know your rights
Do you want to know what it is like in Sweden to be a student and a parent at the same time? We offer support for those who want to combine studies with parenthood. Find out about course schedules, approved leave from your studies if your child gets sick and more.
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Read – Will your next boss be artificially intelligent?
Sverre Spoelstra has researched organisations and leadership for over twenty years. Now he has a new research project in progress. Article in LUM.

Listen – Work fika: The heaven and hell of working life with no boundaries
A podcast episode from the occupational health organisation Prevent with LU's Calle Rosengren, Associate Professor in Occupational Health Technology (in Swedish).

Read – Managing Change
In this new book, organisational researchers from LU, Stefan Sveningsson and Nadja Sörgärde, take a closer look at change management, ways forward, leadership and pitfalls.

Watch – Why does uncritical thinking dominate at work?
Professor Mats Alvesson highlights the concept of "functional stupidity." His lecture was part of Lund University's 350th anniversary courses (in Swedish).
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She continued to learn as long as her eyes were able
Few alumni from Lund University are likely to have become news material in Hawaii. But exceptions exist. On 27 November 1933, readers of the Honolulu Star Bulletin were treated to a notice about a phenomenon in distant Sweden. Fredrik Tersmeden, honorary doctor and archivist at the University Archives, recounts the story of Kalmar’s first female student, Dagmar Karlberg – the mathematician who switched to become a translator and never tired of learning new things.
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