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Alumni Newsletter | 14 June 2024
If you're only going to read two books this summer, read these!
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Summer reading nourishes the soul, and with the season upon us, our Book Club is excited to resume. This summer, we’re diving into works by our talented alumni: Eden by Isabelle Ståhl and Ett ärligt liv (An Honest Life) by Joakim Zander, the latter of which is soon to be a Netflix film.

Read more about the Book Club here in English
Read more about the Book Club here in Swedish
More alumni will adorn the stands in the Great Hall at AF
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Pictured: Johan Stenfeldt, Chairman of the Academic Society, with a sample of how the new names will appear.

The row of notable Lund alumni inside the AF building is set to be expanded with new names. You are now invited to nominate an alum who you believe deserves a prestigious place in the Great Hall. There are two non-negotiable criteria. Find out what they are!
Read more about the criteria
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New diseases in tropical Sweden
Global warming has led to diseases such as West Nile fever, NTM infections, and new tick-borne viruses being on their way or already established in Sweden. People are affected by new diseases, and challenges for the healthcare system are increasing. Among other things, preparations are underway to begin screening blood donors for West Nile fever.
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Possible association between tattoos and lymphoma revealed
A new study from Lund University suggests that tattoos could be a risk factor for cancer in the lymphatic system, or lymphoma. Now, the researchers underline the need for more research on the topic.
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Intercultural webinars
We hope you haven't missed that you, as an alum, have free access to the career portal GoinGlobal? In addition to having plenty of international jobs and tools for job seekers who want to explore the world, GoinGlobal also provides useful intercultural webinars:
  • Negotiating Across Cultures
  • Mastering a Global Mindset
  • Why & How a Global Mindset = Competitive Advantage
  • Making a Good First Impression
  • Expertly Navigate the US Permanent Resident Green Card Process
To participate in the webinars, log in to your alumni page by verifying your e-mail and clicking Register. You will then receive the link to your alumni benefits and here you’ll find your free and direct access to GoinGlobal.
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Almedalen, the world's largest democratic forum
During Almedalen Week 2024, Lund University will host seminars on 26 June. Lund researchers will also participate in various panels and discussions throughout the week.
Read more (in Swedish)
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Listen – LU alumni amongst Swedish summer radio hosts
See the full list of the alumni hosting an episode on 2024's Sommar i P1.

Read – Beppe Tries It! Experiments with 4 Elements
Lund University alumnus Beppe Singer attempts to make science fun and fascinating in a new book for the whole family.The book includes instructions for all experiments—perfect for the upcoming summer vacation! (in Swedish).

Listen – The World is Storytelling
Alumnus Ronni Gurwicz offers new perspectives on how the ancient art of storytelling can contribute to social impact and personal growth in this podcast.
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New issue: Science & Health
The issue has two themes:

Autoimmunity: When the body attacks itself. This section covers various diseases, research and treatments.

Healthy at Work.
Workplace researchers discuss studies on recovery during work hours, activity balance and what is needed to continue working after retirement age.

Read the articles online (in Swedish)
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Hidden treasures to be featured in book thanks to generous donation
Skissernas Museum / The Museum of Sketches is one of the few museums in the world focused on public art and the artistic creative process. Now, the unique sketch collections will be depicted in book form, a project made possible thanks to a multimillion donation from the Thora Ohlsson Foundation.

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@alumni_lunduniversity | Instagram
🎉🌟 Pernilla August and Samir Abu Eid are two of the Lund University Honorary Doctors of 2024 🎉🌟
🎬 Pernilla August is best known internationally for portraying Shmi Skywalker in the Star Wars films and 📺 Samir Abu Eid is a Swedish news reporter covering the Middle East.

Watch the short interview with them as they prepared for the doctoral degree conferment ceremony
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You have a degree from one of the best universities in the world!
Lund University has risen to 75th place in the prestigious QS annual ranking. This is an improvement of ten spots from the previous year, placing Lund as the top-ranked comprehensive university in Sweden. In addition, the University has been awarded the QS Sustainability Champions Award.

With this wonderful news, we wish all our amazing alumni a lovely summer!

Read more about the QS ranking here