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The webinar Introvert Career Advantage became an eye-opener for alumni Lisa Winnenburg
As a former student in the Master's in Strategic Communication Programme, Lisa Winnenburg took the chance and participated in Edvard Danielsson's webinar "The Introvert Career Advantage" in 2021. In this interview, Lisa shares her thoughts on how the webinar was an eye-opener for her and how it has helped her both personally and professionally since then. 
Lisa, where do you work now and what do you work with?

I am working as a business consultant at BearingPoint, located in Hamburg, Germany. It is an international management and IT consultancy that advises clients of diverse market segments with a broad service portfolio.

As a member of the change management team I help clients by providing appropriate communication and training measures during the change. In my current project, I am supporting an IT transformation for a client which does not only present a change in the IT landscape, but also in the organisational culture and ways of working. What I like most is the high level of strategic thinking that is required. I need to put myself in other people's shoes to understand why they are resisting change and what measures might help to gain their support.
Lisa Winnenburg. Photo: private

I learned to be confident with - or even proud of - my introverted nature
What did you learn from The Introvert Career Advantage webinar with Edvard Danielsson and how do you use this knowledge in your daily work life?

I learned to be confident with - or even proud of - my introverted nature as it is nothing "bad", but rather an advantage! Introversion had a negative connotation for me before the workshop. I frequently heard statements like "you have to be more outgoing and talkative!" But after the workshop, I realised that I don't have to change my personality traits, because introversion is part of who I am. I learned that introversion comes with a lot of (quiet) strengths and abilities.

I got to know social and communication skills that are particularly characteristic of introverts and I could identify myself with those quite well. Having learned how the introverted nature is something positive, I felt way more confident in my past job interviews and my current work life - because I am proud of my introversion and no longer feel I have pretend to be outgoing and talkative.

In my role as a change management consultant, it is about understanding others and showing empathy. Therefore, my reserved, reflective, and thoughtful nature is essential. It is about strategically choosing the right measures to convince and motivate people to tackle the change.

Why do you think other students should join his webinars this spring?

Because the workshop on Introvert Career Advantage looks at introversion with a new perspective. Most of the time, it's about how to get introverts to talk and be enthusiastic. The workshop showed me that you don't have to change people's personalities, but rather the way you look at it.

I think this is very interesting for both extroverts and introverts. Extroverts can learn about their counterparts and how to cooperate with those. And introverts can learn about their own strengths and how to use them (and argue convincingly in job interviews). I think it is an eye-opener and will stay in the minds of all participants, like me, for a long time.
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