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A Word from Our Director
As time rolls on in our digital work lives, it is once again time to send out some news from our little corner of the internet/world. At MIM and Malmö University we are still working mostly from home and connecting through Zoom meetings - waiting impatiently for restrictions to lift so that we can once again meet students, research participants, and each other in person. Meanwhile, we have received great news that make us even more excited about what is to come, which we report on below. We also have several new publications by MIM staff and, as always, our online seminars are open to the public. Until we can once again have a coffee or drink at conferences accross the world, let's keep in touch digitally. We hope to see you soon!

The City of Malmö renews our Guest Professorship for another ten years 
We are very happy to announce that we recently recieved confirmation from the City of Malmö that our guest professorship will be financed for another ten years. Malmö University and MIM have, since 2000, hosted 32 prominent researchers as part of the guest professorship and it has generated a constant and dynamic exchange of knowledge, enhancing MIM’s academic strength while also reinforcing our international network. We are therefore very glad that the City of Malmö wishes to continue collaborating with MIM and that we can look forward to another ten years of academic and social exchange with leading scholars from the migration field.
The MIM Migration Seminar
On account of the pandemic circumstances our Thursday seminars are being held digitally also this semester. Next to present are our own Haodong Qi (8 April) on Understanding Migration Motives: Methodology, Sensitivity, and Heterogeneity and Erica Righard (15 April) on Migrant integration, EU Cohesion Policy and local urban development strategies in the
Greater-Malmö area
. You can tune in to our weekly discussions by finding the zoom links on the webpage below.
MIM seminar links
Seminars of the Collaborative Future-Making Platform 640x640transp
The Collaborative Future Making Platform at MAU held a digital workshop on March 25 that asked How can we imagine a future for integration? The workshop took the future as a starting point to critically consider how we use ‘integration’ as a concept within policy processes at various levels. To access the recorded discussion between policy practitioners, civil society advocates, and academics on the practical challenges when considering ‘integration’, click on the button below. There you will also find other previous seminars in the CFM Platform series. 640x640transp
CFM Platform seminars
Seminars on Precision Health and Everyday Democracy 
The PHED Commission - Precision Health and Everyday Democracy, involving several MIM researchers, organizes a series of seminars during the 2021 spring semester featuring practitioners and researchers addressing the wider question of how to achieve good healthcare for all in an unequal world. The April 20 seminar titled The Challenges and Opportunities for Global Health Coverage; and, Refugee and Migrant Health in the European region, involving World Health Organization's Dr. Gundo Weiler and Robert Yates of Chatham House, will surely be of interest to many migration scholars out there. Follow the link below for more information and access to the seminars.
PHED seminars
Seminars and conference appearances & Research grants
Several MIM researchers involved in new H2020 project:
Exploring the integration of post-2014 migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees from a whole of community perspective (Whole-Comm). Funded by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 program (2021-2023). Budget for Malmö University: € 432,081. Reseachers at MAU: Pieter Bevelander, Henrik Emilsson, Nahikari Irastorza and Ingrid Jerve Ramsøy. See here for more info:

Panel organized by Brigitte Suter: 
"Time, (im)mobility and vulnerability“ at IUAES Congress 2020, 9-14 March 2021, online, together with Flavia Cangià, University of Fribourg, at IUAES (International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Studies).
Recent Publications
Böhm, Franziska, Jerve Ramsøy, Ingrid, & Suter, Brigitte (2021). Norms and Values in Refugee Resettlement : A Literature Review of Resettlement to the EU. Current Themes in IMER Research,  21:1. Malmö University. Available here.

Mainwaring, C. and DeBono, Daniela. 2021. Criminalizing solidarity: Search and rescue in a neo-colonial sea. EPC: Politics and Space. Online First.
DeBono, Daniela 2021. Forced Migration, State Violence, and the Right to Health. In Ferrero, L., Quagliariello, C. & Vargas, A.C. Embodying Borders: A Migrant’s Right to Health, Universal Rights and Local Policies. Oxford/New York: Berghahn.
DeBono, Daniela & Mainwaring, C. 2020. Transgressive Solidarity: From Europe's Cities to the Mediterranean Sea. Nordic Journal for Migration Research. 10(4): 90-106

Meer, N., Dimaio, C., Hill, E., Angeli, M., Öberg, K. & Emilsson, Henrik (2021). Governing displaced migration in Europe: housing and the role of the “local”. Comparative Migration Studies 9(2). Available here.  

Irastorza, Nahikari and Bevelander, Pieter (2021) “Skilled Migrants in the Swedish Labour Market: An Analysis of Employment, Income and Occupational Status”. Sustainability.

Sayaka Osanami Törngren (2021) “Racial appraisal and constraints of identity among multiracial and multiethnic persons in Sweden and Japan” Ethnicities. Available here.

Hanne Haaland, May-Linda Magnussen, Hege Wallevik & Maja Povrzanović Frykman (2021). 'Ulike måter å «sikre sted»: flyktningers fortellinger om integrering inn i et lokalsamfunn i Sør-norge’ [Different way of securing one’s place: Refugees’ narratives of integration in a local community in southern Norway]. In Fortellinger om integrering i norske lokalsamfunn [Narratives about integration in local communities in Norway], eds. Berit Gullikstad, Guro Korsnes Kristensen & Turid Fånes Sætermo, Trondheim:  Universitetsförlaget, pp. 180–202. Available here.

Qi, Haodong, Irastorza, Nahikari. Emilsson, Henrik and Bevelander, Pieter (2021) “Integration Policy and Refugees’ Labour Market Performance: Evidence from Sweden’s 2010 Reform of the Introduction Program”. In van Riemsdijk, M. and Axelsson, L. (Eds.) Special issue: The Labor Market Integration of Highly Skilled Refugees in Sweden, Germany and The Netherlands. International Migration.

Wærp, Eline (2021). Review of At Europe’s Edge: Migration and Crisis in the Mediterranean, by Cetta Mainwaring. International Journal of Refugee Law, 32(3), 564–567. Available here.

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