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A Word from Our Director
The summer has come and gone, and we are well into the autumn. University life in Sweden is little by little finding a new normal, where hybrid solutions have become popular, and where we are finally given those long awaited in-person encounters we have so dearly missed. We are starting to find our way when it comes to prioritizing what we should keep from our digital pandemic working experience, and what we should return to of pre-Covid life. So far we at MIM have met for a real life retreat in the coastal village of Mölle and we are frequenting our offices at Malmö University more often. The world opening up again also means soon being able to welcome a new guest professor, and it means looking forward to welcoming other new colleagues in the future (see below!). We also hope meet all of you in person very soon!
Call for Applicants for Position as Associate Senior Lecturer in IMER
We are very happy to announce that a new associate senior lectureship in IMER has opened here at Malmö University. This is a five year position  for young scholars which includes 60% research, 20% teaching, as well as 20% other duties at MIM, and which is likely to lead to a permanent position. We are welcoming applicants from all over the world. 
See here for the full announcement
MIM Researchers Involved in New Project on Resettlement

MIM researchers Brigitte Suter, Ingrid Jerve Ramsøy, and Johan Ekstedt are part of an international consortium, lead by the Fafo Foundation in Norway, which has received funding from the Norwegian Research Council to explore changes in resettlement policies, specifically related to the concept of ‘vulnerability’, and how these policy changes shape the processes where refugees are selected for resettlement. The project is called The Future of Resettlement: Vulnerability Revisited and will commence at the end of 2021. Stay tuned for more information on this in the future.
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MIM Retreat in Mölle
From October 6-7, we were finally able to come together again for what has traditionally been our annual retreat. This year we ventured out to the small coastal village of Mölle, north of Malmö. The stay included engaged discussions about the future of MIM, organized in what we called IRL breakout rooms, as well as a MIM research slam where each of us did a five minute presentation of a current project or work in progress with a consequtive five minutes for questions from our colleagues. In the evening we continued our discussions over a lovely dinner, celebrating that we are once again able to meet in person.
MIM Seminar Series on Citizenship:
Rainer Bauböck: Selection into citizenship 640x640transp
The seminar will focus on the main selection rules of birthright acquisition, naturalisation, renunciation and deprivation. It will show how states’ citizenship laws and policies interact in contexts of migration, producing multiple citizenship, statelessness, denizenship and external citizenship. In the end it will consider which liberal and democratic principles ought to guide selection into citizenship. 640x640transp
See here for link and more information
Irene Bloemraad: Beyond Typologizing (or Idealizing) Citizenship: What does it do, what does it mean?             640x640transp
An alternative conceptual approach to citizenship as membership through claims-making will be given. Thus conceived, citizenship is a relational process of making membership claims on polities, people and institutions, claims recognized or rejected within particular normative understandings of citizenship. This will be illustrated by considering the ways that Chinese, Vietnamese and Mexican-origin parents and their U.S. citizen teenagers talke about being a good citizen and an American. 640x640transp
See here for link and more information
Ayelet Shachar: The Grand Transformation of Citizenship
This lecture will challenge the established dichotomy between open and closed borders, showing that one of the most remarkable developments of recent years is that borders are simultaneously both more open and more closed. Membership boundaries are not fixed or static. Instead, they expand or shrink, selectively and strategically, depending on the target populations they encounter.
See here for link and more information
Seminars and Conferences
Hilda Gustafsson:
"Together forever, indefinitely apart: Families navigating the wait for Swedish family reunification" at the conference (Dis)connecting people? The law and practice of family reunification , Ghent University, Belgium (Sept. 9, 2021).

"Mental disorders in the wait for family reunification" in the workshop Migration, race/ethnicity and health organized by Linköping University (Sept. 22, 2021).

Sayaka Osanami Törngren:
Organized the conference session "Developing the concept of inclusive tourism" together with Eva Maria Jernsand, Helena Kraff, and Emma Björner at the 29th Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research: Shaping mobile futures: Challenges and possibilities in precarious times (Sept. 21-23, 2021).

Christian Fernandez:
Co-organized the EuMIGS (European Master in Migration Studies) kick-off conference at Malmö University Oct. 20-22, 2021. EuMIGS is Europe’s largest network of institutes in the area of migration studies, and is part of the IMISCOE network. It involves 11 partner institutes in 9 European countries of which 7 are part of the double degree Master’s programme. Read more here.

Recent Publications

Hansen, Christina, 2021, “Narrating anti-racism: Activists’ role in the creation of Möllevången as a space for resistance”, Urban Matters, Issue 1. See here.

Jensen, T. G. & Söderberg, R. (2021): Governing urban diversity through myths of national sameness, a comparative analysis of Denmark and Sweden, Journal of Organizational Ethnography, Emerald Publishing Limited. See here.

Johansson, C (2021) Svensk invandrings- och flyktingpolitik i (red.) Darvishpour, M. och Westin, C. Migration och etnicitet: perspektiv på mångfald i Sverige. Tredje upplagan. Lund: Studentlitteratur.
Jolly, A., & Lind, J. (2021). Firewalls as a resource for resistance: Separating border policing from social service provision in Sweden and the UK. Nordic Social Work Research, 11(2), 183–196. See here.

Persdotter, M., Lind, J., & Righard, E. (2021). Introduction to special issue: Bordering practices in the social service sector – experiences from Norway and Sweden. Nordic Social Work Research, 11(2), 95–102. See here.

Tucker, J. (2021). The Statelessness of Refugees. In: [ed] Tendayi Bloom; Lindsey N. Kingston, Statelessness, Governance, and the Problem of Citizenship, Manchester University Press. See here.

Wærp, Eline (2021). 'Frontex - Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution?'. Blog post, summer school 'Borders and Migration in Digital Times', Viadrina Center for B/Orders in Motion, University of Viadrina.

Wærp, Eline (2021). 'The Bordering and De-Bordering of Asylum'. Blog post, summer school 'Borders and Migration in Digital Times', Viadrina Center for B/Orders in Motion, University of Viadrina.
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