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Julia Bondesson, Feet, 2018 © Julia Bondesson/Bildupphovsrätt 2021. Foto: Tobias Fischer/Moderna Museet. The object will be shown in the exhibition Swedish Acquisitions 2021.
For its 2022 exhibition season, Moderna Museet presents a programme focusing mainly on exhibitions created on site. Instead of shipping in existing art, Moderna Museet in Stockholm and Malmö will engage more actively with the collection and invite artists to use the premises as a production site. Welcome to 2022 at Moderna Museet!

With this new initiative, Moderna Museet seeks to redirect its resources: from shipping and showing to being a place where new art can be created and completed. In this way, Moderna Museet hopes to unleash new energy in the artist-audience relationship.
-“We want to give artists the means to create new works or present existing works in new ways. We want to use our local resources and put them at the disposal of the artists and public. Our ambition is also to create a forum where the audience can experience things they won’t find anywhere else,” says Gitte Ørskou, director of Moderna Museet.

Moderna Museet is renowned historically as a place for direct creativity, and many legendary art projects have seen the light of day in the premises on Skeppsholmen. In these times, when all institutions are forced to review their habitual way of doing things, Moderna Museet sees the experiments in 2022 as a creative beginning.

“We want to achieve a more sustainable ­– in every sense of the word – modern art museum. It is our hope that this approach will infuse every activity at Moderna Museet and lead us into the future,” says Gitte Ørskou. “In other words, we see the 2022 initiative as the first step towards a pervasive new identity, where Moderna Museet gives more priority than ever before to close collaborations with artists on site, with sustainability as our guiding principle.”


Swedish Acquisitions 2021
5 February – 14 August, 2022
Curator: Asrin Haidari

A few of the many works acquired by Moderna Museet in 2021 will be featured in the presentation of the collection. Due to the pandemic, the government allocated SEK 25 million to the Museum for acquisitions to support Swedish art, and some 30 recent acquisitions will be presented in 2022 in an exhibition in two parts. With their rich diversity, these works together form a tapestry of contemporary voices. After this tumultuous period, characterised by many forms of loss and existential questions, art helps to process that for which we do not yet have words.  It speaks to us through a multitude of expressions, from different positions and generations. A rich choir of both sorrow and hope, capturing fragments of life and time.

Every Ocean Hughes
1 March - 26 March, 2022
Curator: Hendrik Folkerts

The iterative exhibition presents the work of Stockholm-based artist Every Ocean Hughes at various venues on Skeppsholmen, connecting Moderna Museet to the dance and choreography center MDT and Eric Ericssonhallen.
Each work proposes a different mode of engagement and approach to experiencing art, as Hughes considers notions of queer temporality and space as well as care as a practice closely related to queer life and death. As such the exhibition shows the full range of Hughes’s practice, from performance and writing to sculpture and installation—each work inhabiting a different space and time.

Björn Lövin
2 April – 18 September, 2022
Curator: Matilda Olof-Ors

In spring 2022, Moderna Museet will highlight the multifaceted oeuvre of Björn Lövin (1937 – 2009). From the 1970s, Lövin engaged persistently in an exploration of the changing society, revealing the gap between the welfare state, consumerism and the groups excluded, as well as the relationship between individual and collective, between image and reality. His immersive installations or environments, constructed out of carefully chosen details that together formed fictive worlds in which visitors could move around, made him one of Sweden’s first installation artists.

Björn Lövin’s installations have been presented at various institutions, including Moderna Museet and Centre Georges Pompidou, but none of them have been preserved in their entirety. The major exhibition this spring will have Lövin’s Consumer in Eternity and Mr P’s Money, shown at Moderna Museet in 1971, as its starting point. Several of Björn Lövin’s extensive installations will be recreated for the occasion, to present this artistic practice that was so deeply characterised by constant exploration and a conceptual approach, addressing subjects and issues that are acutely relevant to this day.

Jeppe Hein
Who are you really
21 May – 28 August, 2022
Curator: Gitte Ørskou

The Danish Berlin-based artist Jeppe Hein (born 1974) will be invited to Moderna Museet this spring to engage the audience in an entirely new way. Instead of installing the exhibition in one of the Museum’s spaces for temporary exhibitions, the artistic project will be located in other areas. Jeppe Hein’s art has always focused on audience interaction, and his works have grown increasingly performative in recent years. In his major project Who are you really, the audience will encounter a monumental fountain on the Drill Ground and be invited to take part in interactive stations inside the Museum, workshops in the presentation of the collection, and discussions focusing on that fundamental question: Who are you really?

Nan Goldin
22 October, 2022 – 26 February, 2023
Curator: Fredrik Liew

Nan Goldin (born 1953) is one of the best known artists of our time. Her exploration of human experience through the lens of her camera is legendary. For decades she has had a major influence on younger generations. For most she is known as a photographer. This retrospective exhibition is the first to comprehensively present Nan Goldin as a film-maker.
When Goldin started out as an artist, she presented her works in various clubs, screening rooms and film festivals. Her images are edited in sequence to her eclectic selections of music as an immersive and captivating cinematic experience for the audience.
The practice of arranging images in sequences accompanied with sound has remained at the core of Goldin’s work. Over the years she has produced more than a dozen different slide shows from thousands of images; ranging from family histories to the experience of addiction. Over the last two decades she begun to incorporate other elements, such as moving image, voices and archival material. By focusing exclusively on slideshows and video installations this unique exhibition seeks to return to the roots of Nan Goldin’s practice and fully embrace the artist’s vision of how her works should be experienced.

Korakrit Arunanondchai
17 September, 2022 – 9 April, 2023
Curator: Lena Essling

In his works, the Thai artist Korakrit Arunanondchai (born 1986) combines intimately personal experiences with global political developments. His video installations, paintings and performances juxtapose the clamour of a complex, globalised world with the serenity of dimensions beyond the physical. The subject matter is characterised by dualities such as spirituality and technology, memory and amnesia, contemplation and ecstasy. Above all, he sees himself as a storyteller, garnering his material from traditional folklore and rituals, contemporary activism and club culture.

Arunanondchai’s practice rests on his interstitial experience as a resident of both Thailand and the USA. Dissolving identity with regard to generation, gender and nationality is a recurring theme. Key to his practice is an interest in geopolitical conflicts, especially relating to the history of South-East Asia. Thai culture and world views are infused with Buddhism and animism. However, Arunanondchai says, these same cultural keystones today form the basis for entirely new national narratives aimed at undermining democratic reform. Ghosts recur in his works as metaphors for repressed trauma and buried history.

Korakrit Arunanondchai will produce an entirely new video work especially for the presentation at Moderna Museet, which marks his most extensive exhibition to date in Scandinavia.


26 February – 25 September, 2022
Curator: Iris Müller-Westermann

Tilpo is the pseudonym used jointly by the painter Hans Eriksson and stage designer Hanna Aihonen. Together, the artist duo create stories that open up new approaches to seeing the world. Their imaginative paintings overturn our habitual perspectives and unravel the boundaries between reality and visions.

Fruls Tilpo (Hans Eriksson) has for decades been an artist’s artist. Born in Stockholm in 1960, he studied at the Royal Institute of Art in 1981 – 1986. The exhibition will feature many recent works, including one project that will be created on site in Malmö.

The Moderna Museet Collection 2022
26 February – 29 January, 2023
Curators: Andreas Nilsson and Gideonsson/Londré

Moderna Museet Malmö’s exhibition in 2022 featuring works from the collection discusses universal and existential themes such as time and materiality in relation to preservation and conservation. The exhibition highlights a number of rarely-shown works dating from the mid-1800s to today, presenting them in new dialogues. The project is a collaboration between the Museum’s curator Andreas Nilsson and the artist duo Gideonsson/Londré.

It scrutinises the concept of a museum collection between dormancy and exposure, where objects and bodies are resuscitated at varying intervals. Here, a body, a movement, an object or memory becomes the material of an eternal cycle, where time invites speculative readings with no unequivocal answers. The works in the exhibition convey different stages of human activity, and intermittently being frozen in time.  The eternal and the temporary are allowed to unite in material and subtle gestures alternating between presence and absence.

Annika Elisabeth von Hausswolff

Alternative Secrecy
26 March – 4 September, 2022
Curator: Anna Tellgren

The exhibition will be shown in Stockholm from 23 October 2021, before opening at Moderna Museet Malmö on 26 March.

Isabel Lewis
An Occasion
24 September, 2022
Curator: Andreas Nilsson

Isabel Lewis’ work breaks with the conventions of both white cube and modern theatre, and creates a stimulating environment for conversation and movement, or simply being that addresses all of the senses. Through a dramaturgy of choreography, music and storytelling, Lewis' An Occasion are composed arrangements of people, things, plants, smells, and music. The artist’s work often addresses the history of the body, the relationship between mind and body, and ecological thinking. Within the occasions visitors encounter smells made in collaboration with Norwegian smell researcher and artist Sissel Tolaas and are welcomed with amuse-bouches created specifically for the occasion by a local chef. As guests we are invited to drift in and out of focused attention and sociality in this contemporary ritual of gathering. Isabel Lewis is a Berlin-based artist and choreographer born in the Dominican Republic.

Twilight Land

29 October, 2022 – 5 March, 2023
Curator: Joa Ljungberg

Twilight Land – an international group exhibition – invites us to contemplate on the state of acute instability that we are currently living through. Whilst facing a climate crisis, we are simultaneously moving through a polarised social and political landscape, permeated, on the one hand, by fear and isolationism, and, on the other, by a new awakening for social justice with global reach. In many of us, this has instilled a feeling that the system underpinning the world as we know it is about to implode. That we are caught up in a shift of paradigm, but that we lack images and visions of what the future might hold.
This exhibition confronts some of the ideological fundaments that have dominated Western modernity. Meanwhile, it also engages in the search for new emerging worlds, partly inspired by New materialism and Afrofuturism, which together with other streams of ideas have contributed with less anthropocentric perspectives on the living earth.
The feeling of instability is palpable. The exhibition is permeated by a subtle yet distinct presence of reformative forces and processes. The works of art are nurtured by this liminal existence – in between destruction and creation, clarity and confusion, and fear and hope.

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