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1819 Stina Siljing Jag raknar till
Stina Siljing, I count to 27 (2021). Photo: Tobias Fischer/Moderna Museet
Swedish Acquisitions: Insights
February 5 –  April 24
Curator: Asrin Haidari

Anguish, fragmentation, and the visceral flow like an undercurrent through Moderna Museet's first exhibition of the year – a selection of works from last year's major acquisitions project. The initiative, which the museum has given the name Swedish Acquisitions 2021, resulted in the collection of 373 new works by 168 artists. 

For the first time, about sixty works from Swedish Acquisition 2021 will be presented in a group exhibition that opens in two stages during the spring. The first part, Insights, has the ambition to highlight art's ability to be open and empathetic while expressing disagreeable and painful states. In several of the works, the home is of crucial importance alongside works which emphasize a physicality in connection with grief and healing.

Among the older works in the exhibition are Lena Cronqvist’s painting Locked in (1971), a depiction of her time at S:t Jörgen’s Hospital in Gothenburg, and Margareta Hallek’s textile work Variable figure, from 1985. Several of the works in the exhibition were made as recently as last year: Fatima Moallim’s Family album, an abstract ink drawing on gray blasted linoleum and in Stina Siljing’s I count to 27, a section of an elm tree trunk that processes the loss and grief after her son's suicide. One of the largest works consists of joined parts of birch tree in a sculpture over three meters high, by the artist Mats WikströmThe Agony of Growth.

- Mats Wikström's monumental sculpture depicts the pain of change and misfortune, yet reminds us that something new often awaits us on the other side. After difficult years in which we have been confronted with loss and existential challenges, art possesses the ability to carry what does not yet have a language, says curator Asrin Haidari.

In 2021, the  Swedish government allocated Moderna Museet 25 million Swedish Kronor for the purchase of art to support the Swedish art community during the Corona pandemic. The artists, whose works have been acquired through Swedish Acquisitions 2021, are active both in and outside Sweden, as well as in Sápmi. The artists’ ages range from 27 to 91 years and the purchased works were made between the years 1962 and 2021. The acquisitions process was ongoing throughout 2021. Suggestions were presented, proposals flowed in via an open invitation, and portfolio reviews were arranged by art consultants and the Swedish Arts Council. After that, curators of the collection, together with the director, and the head of the Moderna Museet Malmö, decided on the purchases.

- Swedish Acquisitions has given Moderna Museet the opportunity to incorporate works of art from different positions and generations that give voice to our time. It has also been an opportunity to give nuance to art history through important new additions, says director Gitte Ørskou.

The second part of the exhibition takes place between May 7 and August 14.


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