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Nyheter om aktivt åldrande
Juni 2022
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New report about heterogenous perspectives and Nordic indicators
The aim of this report is to emphasise why there is a need for a more heterogenous perspective on active and healthy ageing. A range of relevant indicators exist at the European and national levels, but comparable data across the Nordic countries remain limited. By considering key concepts and available common Nordic indicators, this report provides outlooks on active and healthy ageing among diverse senior populations and explores the possible contribution of intersectional approaches in future analysis and policy-making across the Nordic region.

Read more about the report Active and Healthy Ageing: Heterogenous perspectives and Nordic indicators
Smiling man pushing an an old happy man in a wheelchair.
640x640transp New report about indicators for Active and Healthy Ageing
640x640transp Population ageing is a major demographic trend affecting the policy agenda in the Nordic Region, in Europe, and globally. The new report Indicators for Active and Healthy Ageing in the Nordic Region focuses on indicators for active and healthy ageing and on welfare technology for older adults.

Read more about the report Indicators for Active and Healthy Ageing in the Nordic Region
640x640transp Picture of the cover of the report Silver Hues - Building Age-Ready Cities.
Decade of Healthy Ageing: Silver Hues - Building Age-Ready Cities
How can we plan, design, and create age-ready cities and towns for a silver-hued future — one in which older persons will increasingly outnumber younger ones in more and more countries? Given the global pandemic, climate change, and the unique situation of older persons, inclusion has never been more important, the report shows.​​​​

Read the report Silver Hues - Building Age-Ready Cities here
Nordisk forskning och goda exempel


Danmark: Minoritetsældre og selvudpegede hjælpere: kommunal velfærd og omsorg i forandring

Danmark: Negotiations of vulnerability in aging with vision impairment

Finland: Technology supporting smart ageing and care at home programme (KATI)

Finland: Changes in socioeconomic differentials in old age life expectancy in four Nordic countries: the impact of educational expansion and education-specific mortality

Norge: Ny rapport om sosial isolasjon blant eldre under koronapandemien 

Norge: Fremstiller norske medier eldre arbeidstakere som mindre attraktive enn yngre?

Sverige: Antologin om hur kapabilitetsbegreppet kan användas i studier om äldre och åldrande, AgeCap

Sverige: Tillgängliga naturmiljöer för att främja aktivt och hälsosamt åldrande

Goda exempel

Danmark: Seniorbofællesskaber, Rum og fællesskaber for ældre

Danmark: Film om Elderlearn, SAMF start-up styrker integrationen

Finland: Fun-fun, när äldre gympar med blivande idrottsledare

Finland: Vapaa! - Fri! -projekt för att etablera frivilligarbetets ställning i ett åldrande samhälle

Norge: Nye råd om fysisk aktivitet for eldre: hvert minutt teller

Norge: Nytt strategisk samarbeid om musikk som helseressurs for eldre

Sverige: En film med bilder av fotografen Alex Rotas från utställningen Snabb. Stark. Årsrik.

Sverige: Digitala lösningar minskar ensamhet bland äldre

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