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This newsletter serves as a reminder of what has recently happened in HPT TCP. Things that you maybe just have missed. The rest of our news flow can be found on the HPT web site.


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An interview with an Operating Agent
Van D. Baxter, Co-Operating Agent of Annex 53: The demand for cooling is going to explode in the near future.
Growing populations and improving economies world-wide, especially in the developing world, are projected to lead to huge increases in global demand for space cooling, dehumidification, and refrigeration. This will make reaching global energy and climate goals extremely challenging. Therefore Annex 53 has been started with the objective to develop technology solutions for higher efficiency air conditioning/refrigeration systems to help reduce projected energy consumption increases.

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Dr. Yunho Hwang, Operating Agent of Annex 54  - A man with a mission to save the planet
Did you miss the interview with Dr. Yunho Hwang in February 2019?
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Signhild Gehlin, Operating Agent of Annex 52:  there is a beauty in efficient energy use
Did you miss the interview with Signhild Gehlin in May 2019?
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Report from 25th International Congress of Refrigeration ICR2019 in Montreal
During the last week of August, the 25th International Congress of Refrigeration (https://icr2019.org/) took place in Montreal. The congress, which take place in different locations in the world, every 4th year collected more than 850 participants from 45 countries all over the world.
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2019 China Heat Pump Annual Conference was rounded off successfully
The 2019 China Heat Pump Annual Conference & 8th International Air-source Heat Pump Development Forum were held in Shanghai on August 1-2, organized by China Energy Conservation Association and the Heat Pump Committee of the China Energy Conservation Association (CECA). This conference obtained supports and participation from China Academy of Building Research, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry CAS, International Copper Association, Shanghai Society Of Refrigeration and Shanghai Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association.
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UNEP/ASHRAE updates refrigerant information
The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) and ASHRAE have produced a new publication to update the market on the current list of available refrigerants, their ASHRAE numbers and safety classifications.
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Open access GSHP measurement data and uncertainty analysis at 3rd Annex 52 expert’s meeting
The 3rd international experts’ meeting of IEA HPT Annex 52, titled Long-term measurements of GSHP system performance in commercial, institutional and multi-family buildings, gathered 28 experts from eight countries in Helsinki, Finland, on May 23-24th.
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Don´t miss the IEA HPT TCP National Experts’
meeting 24 October 2019!
This one-day meeting (previously called the National Teams’ meeting, NT meeting), will take place on Thursday 24 October 2019, at the Nürnberg Messe, Nuremberg, Germany, 09.00-16.30 (the day after the European Heat pump Summit 2019, https://www.hp-summit.de/en).

The purpose of the meeting is to stimulate the generation of new activities within the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies (HPT TCP) according to our strategy plan (https://heatpumpingtechnologies.org/about/our-vision/).
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Did you miss the last issue of the HPT Magazine?
Industrial Heat Pumps
– Good examples from ongoing Annex

Even though heat pumps often are thought of as domestic products, they do have a large potential also in industrial implementations. However, such implementations may imply significant challenges. The challenges are connected to the fact that each solution often must be tailor-made to fit a specific application. Despite this, industrial use of heat pumps could be given much more credibility than what is currently done. This issue of HPT Magazine focuses on industrial heat pumps and shows examples of applications.

In the two topical articles stories are shared on how heat pumps are used to exploit excess heat from industries. The first one tells how two large heat pumps turn waste heat from a steel and rolling mill in Austria into an environmentally friendly energy source in the district heating network. The second one describes how a high-temperature heat pump converts waste heat from a data centre into process heat in a cheese factory in Switzerland.

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