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Solar district heating playing a vital role
District heating and solar thermal can play a vital role in the transformation of the heat sector in Europe. District heating is one major approach to improving overall energy efficiency in urban areas and increasing the proportion of renewable heat. 
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The renewable energy paradigm shift
A fully renewable energy system is economically feasible already at 2050.

According to a new Nature study  that explores different pathways to long-term sustainability, Solar PV will be the main source of electricity 2050, generating almost 70 % of all electricity globally.
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“More of the same won´t do" 
How can large scale solar thermal plants could see breakthrough? Food for thought from Torsten Lütten who thinks time for ever more pilots and surveys is over.

"Let´s get over it, gear up. Support and praise the front runners rolling out a series of cost-efficient standardized solar thermal MW plants. We need thousands of those in every country to keep our cool."
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Join our webinars in March and April
April 16 – Celsius Talk: Policy recommendations for carbon neutral energy systems and markets. Register here.

April 24 – Celsius Talk: A heating revolution with solar energy. Register here.

6-8 May – EuroHeat & Power’s Congress in Nantes

May 8  – PLANHEAT’s final event– cities may get their travel costs reimbursed

4 June – Celsius Innovation cluster
In case you are interested
  1. ReUseHeat is doing a survey to identify the potential of urban waste head sources and participants may win a free prefeasibility studies: Read more.
  2. Final report for STORM project 
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