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News International #1 2019
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Dear Reader,
The spring term has started off well, with many exciting events and happenings. We have already had two interesting seminars, one on future road transportations where we talked about the lightweight challenges within electromobility, and one on composites in sports, where both Head Tennis from Austria and Bauer Hockey from Canada talked about their product development processes for new rackets and clubs. Both events were successful with many interesting participants. In May and June, we have three more events to come.

We have two calls open now, one for SMEs closing on April 12, and our large call is open until April 25. Organisations with a Swedish organisation number are welcome to apply for projects. Please let us know if you would like more information in English.

LIGHTer International Conference is under planification, and we are happy to recieve interesting abstracts from different sectors/areas. Read more about the conference below.

The LIGHTer International Network membership is being redefined, and a new version of the membership will be published after LIGHTer's next board meeting on May 9.

We look forward to a continuously eventful spring, and many abstracts for LIGHTer International Conference as well as applications for our large call.

Best Regards,
The LIGHTer Management Team
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Participate in LIGHTer International Conference!

The third edition of LIGHTer International Conference takes place on November 20-21, 2019 in Gothenburg! It is organised every two years. Save the date!
The conference programme is based on LIGHTer's four innovation themes: to considerably lower weight through lower costs, shorter development times, the use of mixed materials as well as through improved properties and innovative solutions.
Two of our Keynote Speakers are Laurent Morel, Infracore Company and Sofia Teixeira de Freitas, TU Delft.
Deadline for abstract submissions is April 15.
We welcome abastracts from all fields!
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Research by LIGHTer Academy among the top 10 breakthtroughs 2018
The magazine Physics World published a shortlist of the top 10 scientific breakthroughs of 2018, and one of those breakthroughs regards the resarch carried out by researchers in the LIGHTer Academy network. Leif Asp, Dan Zenkert and Fang Liu are part of a research group working on multifunctional carbon fibres that enable massless energy storage.
The research is carried out by a large international research group with strong representation from Chalmers University of Technology in Gotheburg and KTH in Stockholm.
Photo by courtesy of Chalmers University of Technology 
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Workshop: Lightweight Applications with Graphene
LIGHTer, SIO Grafen and Innovative Material Arena (IMA) invite you to a seminar on lightweight applications with graphene. The workshop presents results from three R&D projects within electrics, high temperatures and multifunctional materials. The projects were funded through the joint call between LIGHTer and SIO Grafen in 2017.
Date 22 October 2019
Venue TBA, Linköping
More information will be published shortly.
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Welcome to RISE SICOMP's International Conference
SICOMP invites you to their 30th annual conference, which in 2019 also celebrates three decades of this composites event.
The conference will have the following topics:
• General session on the main theme “Manufacturing and
Design of Composites”
• Composites in automotive and aeronautics
 Digitalisation; Automated processes; Hybrid structures
Programme and Registration
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The Netherlands launch a national

cross-sectorial arena for collaborations

on composites

A new and exciting initiative has been taken in the Netherlands with ideas close to LIGHTer, and we hope to find future collaborations. At the JEC World 2019, the dutch composite sector presented the National Composites Collaboration Agenda, in close cooperation between the private sector, the public sector, and research institutions. For the first time, the composite innovation activities in the Netherlands have been combined in a single agenda at a national level, creating more unity and improved mutual alignment, putting the Dutch composites sector internationally in a stronger position
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A new VINNOVA call for

postgraduate students!

The purpose of the call is to give the opportunity for postgraduate students to build new skills and relevant networks in their research and application areas, and gain increased knowledge about neutron and synchrotron-based techniques and how these can be used for industry-relevant applications.
Read more about the call
Calendar 2019
April 15 Deadline to submit abstracts to LIGHTer International Conference

April 25 Deadline to submit project proposals for our large call

May 9 Result Workshop, Stockholm - in Swedish

June 11 Digi Demo Day, Mölndal Event - in Swedish

June 12 Optimization Seminar, Gothenburg - in Swedish

September 1-5 EUROMAT, Stockholm - In English

October 22 Workshop: Lightweight Applications with Graphene - In English

November 20-21 LIGHTer International Conference, Chalmers, Gothenburg - In English
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640x640transp Sweden's capability to develop world leading competence within lightweight technology will be decisive for the Swedish industries' competitiveness, growth and possibilities to reach global environmental goals. LIGHTer is creating the essential collaborations within lightweight: cross-disciplinary, cross industrial sectors, focused, innovative and efficient. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or opinions concerning the newsletter and its content.

Funding for the programme is being provided by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas.
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