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Connecting the network
Welcome to this month’s newsletter! This fall we would like to focus on you, the CELSIUS Network, and the importance of connecting with each other to create synergies.

One of the main goals of CELSIUS 2.0 is to create a platform where different agents from across Europe, and eventually from across the world, can meet and exchange knowledge, learn from each other and hopefully create new possibilities of collaboration around smart heating and cooling solutions. The strength of a network is what its members make of it. In that sense, we hope CELSIUS Cities will find inspiration in each other, motivation in other projects and solutions in companies to build robust, flexible and efficient solutions to meet the growing demand for heating and cooling in urban areas.

At Johanneberg Science Park we are proud to provide a testing arena where actors from industry, academia and society can come together to strengthen their competitiveness and growth to have a greater impact in urban development, energy efficiency and materials. We look forward to creating new connections and explore new possibilities provided by the CELSIUS Network in this second stage of the project.

With this in mind, this month we would like to shine a little light on two inspiring projects: ReUseHeat and Fossil Free Energy Districts, more commonly known as FED. Both are great examples of innovative solutions to improve the interaction between district heating networks and the resources readily available in urban environments.

As we move forward with CELSIUS 2.0, it is important to look at the past for inspiration, to learn from our mistakes and try to replicate our successes. Thus, the article on Gothenburg summarises how district energy was developed in the city, and this month’s video reminds us why CELSIUS was started five years ago.
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With our growing network and a wider scope, we will have better possibilities to share our results and have a greater impact. CELSIUS 2.0 will be of great importance to the development of Johanneberg Science Park and our business areas.
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A brief history of district energy in Gothenburg
In Gothenburg, district energy is a long-term investment with great rewards. Read our brochure to learn more about the evolution and development evolution of district heating and cooling in Gothenburg! Hopefully you will be inspired to learn from our challenges and progress. 
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Smart cities don't waste heat
ReUseHeat is a EU H2020 project whose purpose is to increase the use of residual heat flows that are currently being lost in cities.

The project is working on 4 demo-sites where these new technologies are being used to recuperate the heat.
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FED, the local energy marketplace of the future
As of this summer a unique local marketplace for electricity, heat and cooling is being tested at Chalmers' Johanneberg campus. The idea of the FED project is that buildings that both consume and produce energy should communicate with each other to avoid energy consumption peaks that are both expensive and bad for the environment.
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Video: the CELSIUS purpose
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Celsius Summmit to be held in Brussels 21 November
At the Committee of the Regions in Brussels, we will celebrate the official launching of CELSIUS 2.0! Learn more by clicking Read more below. Some conference details are still to be decided - look out for the next Celsius Newsletter to learn more.
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