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We hope to see you at the CELSIUS Summit in Brussels
The CELSIUS Summit is on its way and we look forward to seeing you on November 21 at the Committee of the Regions, in Brussels!

Marking the official launch of CELSIUS 2.0, we are honoured to receive political representatives from 11 member cities and are looking forward to hearing their keynote speeches. Centred around four specific subjects – stakeholder interaction, end-user engagement, district cooling and investments – the city representatives will share their story, ambitions, needs and challenges they face as they strive to accelerate their transition to sustainable and smart heating and cooling solutions.

In this month’s newsletter you will get a brief preview of what will be discussed at the conference. Starting with an article about Pinjacker-Nootdorp, one of the largest greenhouse horticultural municipalities in the Netherlands, that is pooling its resources with Rotterdam, one of the largest harbours in Europe, and a horticulture company to ensure long-term supply of sustainable energy for their businesses and citizens. Followed by an article on the importance of district cooling and then a video about the FED showroom, local marketplace for electricity, district heating and cooling is being developed at the Chalmer’s campus at Johanneberg, in Gothenburg. At last, but not least, don’t miss the latest version of the agenda for the event.

We hope to see you next month in Brussels!
Pijnacker-Nootdorp: Leader in energy transition
By actively working with heat suppliers and distributors – including geothermal sources and residual heat from industries – as well as end users, the Dutch municipality has successfully developed projects that accelerate sustainability. Key projects are the existing geothermal network in Pijnacker and the heat cooperation in the region Oostland.
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Cooling is all around us
Cooling is all around us. Our food and drinks can’t get produced, transported or shelfed without it. Our industry would stop running, data centres would stop processing and working and living would get unbearable. Yet ‘cooling’ is in many discussions and considerations less than a little sibling of heating.
Even when just looking at the built environment, the numbers speak a clear and alarming language. A recent JRC study found that the potential cooling demand in the residential sector could increase by factor 10 by 2050 causing an additional capacity demand of 210 GW.
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Fed up with fossil fuels? Take a look at the FED project!
The Fossil-free Energy Districts project, FED, is an innovative effort by the City of Gothenburg to decrease the use of energy and the dependence on fossil fuel in a built environment. 
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Don't miss the Celsius Summit 2018 - register to participate
This dynamic conference will bring together politicians, industry representatives and research institutions from across Europe to connect and exchange ideas on how intelligent heating and cooling solutions will allow smart cities to satisfy the present and future energy needsin a sustainable way. You can find the latest version of the agenda here.
Venue Committee of the Regions: 2 Rue Van Maerlant, Room VMA1, Brussels
Date and time November 21st, 09:30-18.00
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