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ICE by RISE - Newsletter 2019:2
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News from the national Infrastructure and Cloud datacenter test Environment (ICE)
Date: 2019-06-26
News in short
  • We won the Datacloud awards 2019 in the category “datacenters for smart cities”
  • Our project SONDER on datacenters and smart grids together with LTU and others was granted by Swedish Energy Agency
  • We have received a positive funding decision from Vinnova for our project “National space data lab” together with Swedish Space Agency, LTU and AI Innovations for Sweden.
  • We have had successful hand-on Machine learning workshops in the S3 pilot for a regional AI cluster.
  • The “Datacenters meet 5G at the edge” invitation only workshop was organized with LTU and IMasons.
  • The datacenter pilot Boden Type Data Center One was on the front page of the DCD Magazine.
  • PUE is 1.02 …and it is not a mistake! BTDC One pilot datacenter results.
  • Jon Summers was interviewed in magazine Intelligent Datacentre from DCA about how to reduce end use energy demand.
  • At the Edge Amsterdam conference Data Economy made a short interview video with Tor Björn Minde about our 5G edge testbed.
  • At the DCD Smart Energy conference Jon Summers was interviewed in a short video about power implications
  • Tor Björn held a keynote at DCD Madrid about 5G and edge datacenters.
  • Our strong board of directors discussed our future targets.
  • We just launched our Instagram feed. Follow us! 
  • We are still active on our Blog, Twitter and Linkedin group  

1x1 9700 Jeanette datacloud
Winners of Datacloud Awards 2019
BroadGroup, the information media technology and professional services company, has announced the winners of the prestigious 12th Datacloud Awards. The finalists in each of the 16 categories and the new Data Economy Finvest categories were selected by judges comprised of professionals from the industry.

These awards recognise the teams, products, innovations, initiatives and projects that demonstrate data centre and Edge and cloud innovation and service excellence.

This year, despite a more rigorous submissions process, our judges were overwhelmed with a staggering number of entries across the categories. After much deliberation, BroadGroup announced the 2019 Datacloud Global Awards and Finvest finalists. The Data Centre for Smart City Award was presented to RISE SICS North.
Read more >
9699 distributed energy market 1x1
SONDER - Service Optimization of Novel Distributed Energy Regions.
The LTU project application “SONDER – Service Optimization of Novel Distributed Energy Regions” together with RISE and Acon was granted by the Swedish Energy Agency in the ERA-NET program.

The traditional electrical system is undergoing a transformation from centralized to a distributed infrastructure, which incorporates a larger amount of renewable energy resources.

The project deals with smart data centers that are at the center of a green micro-grid utilizing renewables, energy storage, thermal capacity and negotiating with other energy users in a micro-grid based on market incentives.The project targets datacenter operation with both grid power supply and renewable energy resources and operates in an energy market driven environment for the purpose of being an active participant in demand-response activities.

The Swedish project part will be conducted by a research group at LTU and RISE led by Professor Valeriy Vyatkin with support from the local industry and using the SICS ICE research data center in Luleå, Sweden. Four partners from Austria and Switzerland respectively is also part of the project consortium.
1x1 9698 Space data
National Space Data lab application granted by Vinnova
The Space data lab shall be a national resource for the Swedish authorities’ work on earth observation data and for the development of AI-based analysis of space data.

The purpose of the project is to increase the use of data from space for the development of society and industry and for the benefit of the globe.
The project starts up a data lab for space data that will become a tool for different users after the end of the project. The goal is to get data, technology and methodology in place to systematically develop services and applications that use space data in the data lab.

The project owner is the Swedish Space Agency, with AI innovations of Sweden as coordinator and Luleå University of Technology and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden as co-applicants. Stakeholders for the project include the Swedish Forestry Agency, SMHI, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Swedish Space Corporation.
Analysis of large amounts of data from space using AI and machine learning and merging of already available data will create completely new opportunities.
The project aims at new data-driven innovations based on this.
9697 ML workshop 1x1
Machine Learning workshops for regional organizations
What is Machine Learning? How do I build an end-to-end Machine Learning on TensorFlow and Hopsworks? Two hands-on workshops to answer the above questions were run earlier this spring in the north region of Sweden. 

In the workshop, we started with an introduction to ML, the opportunities it presents, and the challenges to becoming an AI-enabled company. We then proceeded to build an end-to-end ML pipeline using TensorFlow. To this end, we then introduced the open-source Hopsworks platform, an end-to-end platform for ML on Big Data.
SICS ICE hosts a managed version of the Hopsworks platform at www.hops.site, and our hands-on workshop used GPUs/compute/storage on the SICS ICE platform. Dr. Jim Dowling from Logical Clocks AB guided the participants through the workhop.
The event was free of charge with financing from Region Norrbotten och Tillväxtverket.
9696 DC meet 5G 1x1
Datacenters meet 5G - at the edge
Two great workshop days were spent in Luleå with new input and business ideas on 5G and edge datacenters.

First day we had keynotes and panel discussions. Second day was study visits to the ICE and the 5G testbed and then group work to find more business together.

The workshop concept with LTU and RISE together with Datacenter companies meeting in an IMasons context was proven to be fruitful so we have already started to plan for the next event.

In this specific event we had the datacenter industry meet the mobile industry. In the next winter event OCP will meet Telcos and in the next summer event the AI industry will meet the datacenter industry.
Keynotes were held by Magnus Frodigh, Ericsson, Peter Burman, Boliden and Daniel Enström, Mobilaris all about the needs for edge datacenters.
In the panels we had Fredrik Engström, Vattenfall, Mats Lundbäck, Telia joining Magnus and Daniel on enabling the edge and Duncan Clubb, CBRE, Christoph Goertz, Detecon, Jason Rolands, German edge cloud and Mats Eriksson, ArcticLabs on implementing the edge.
1x1 9693 BTDC drawing
Our H2020 project BTDC was featured on the front page of the DCD Magazine/12
Just outside the arctic circle, the EU is funding a datacenter that could break efficiency records. Max Smolaks, DCD, visited Boden to find out more.

He wrote that we don’t need to tell that efficiency is important: It saves money and the planet at the same time. But it’s not easy for businesses - with bottom lines, shareholders and financial quarters - to embark on long-term research projects. That’s why the EU hopes to help: In this issue, we headed to Boden Type One in Sweden to examine an experimental data center that aims to bring hyperscale levels of energy efficiency to everyone.
Read the article >
9692 BTDC consortium 1x1
PUE is 1.02 …and it is not a mistake!
We have had a great progress in the H2020 research project BTDC and great time in the beautiful Budapest.

Project Coordinator, H1 Systems, hosted a two and a half day meeting for BTDC team (RISE, Fraunhofer, EcoCooling and BBA) and the Advisory Board members (well-known experts in data center industry).
We have breakthroughs in topics like holistic cooling control and an eye-opener workshop on Data Center KPIs. Thanks for the contribution to @Rabih Bashroush @Mark Acton and @Antal Kerekes)

Please check our H2020 project project homepage www.bodentypedc.eu for the Live PUE figures/graphs.

Boden Type Data Center >
1x1 9691 Intelligent datacentre
Jon Summers in the latest edition of Intelligent Datacentre
A featured article with Jon Summers in the latest edition of Intelligent Datacentre from DCA, page 62-64.

There is an ongoing requirement for data centres to reduce energy consumption. Here, Dr Jon Summers, Scientific Leader in Data Centres at RISE, talked us through the approach being taken by RISE to reduce end use energy demand.

In the world of data centres, the term facility is commonly used to indicate the shell that provides the space, power, cooling, physical security and protection to house information technology. The data centre sector is made up of several different industries that purposely have a point of intersection that could loosely be defined as the data centre industry.

One very important argument is that a data centre exists to house IT but the facility and IT domains rarely interact unless the heat removal infrastructure invades the IT space. This is referring to the so called ‘liquid cooling’ of IT, whereas normally the facility-IT divide is cushioned by air.

At RISE SICS North we are on a crusade to approach data centres as integrated systems and our experiments are geared to include the full infrastructure where the facility has IT in it.

Read more >
1x1 9690 Dataeconomy interview
Edge Amsterdam interview
Self-sustainable edge computing data centres are the ultimate dream for anyone working in the industry. 

Tor Bjorn Minde  talked to Data Economy’s João Marques Lima on the work being done around self-sufficient edge facilities, if it is achievable and what his team has delivered so far in this field.
See the interview on YouTube >
9689 Jons DCD interview 1x1
Jon Summers in DCD interview at DCD EnergySmart conference

The interview with Jon Summers about the future of datacenters was recorded during DCD Energy Smart 2019 in Stockholm.

As data centers see ever increasing workload volume and complexity, we are reaching unprecedented levels of demand. The average grown to between 3-5kw with some workloads now requiring 40-50kw and beyond. Jon discussed these power implications with Peter Judge.
Take me to the interivew! >
9688 SICS North board
Board meeting and strategy work
We at RISE SICS North have a super board of directors. On Monday May20th the board of directors met for a strategy session. 

We discussed priorities, directions and winning proposition. We are unique with our holisticview form chip to chiller, the large scale testing possibilities in 4 labdatacenters, our wind tunnels, the OCP lab, the data collection and analyticstools, the GPU cluster and the 5G edge testbed with a micro grid.
Our strengths are the team of mixed skills from the ground to thecloud, the sustainability work and insights, the portfolio of projects withBTDC H2020 as a crown jewel, the relation to LTU the university next door inthe Cloudberry program, the RISE as backbone and our supporting stakeholdersand partners. The board is Magnus Frodigh Ericsson, Mikael Dahlgren ABB, Joel Kjellgren Facebook, Christer Ljunggren Vattenfall, Marie Bergman Luleåmunicipality, Roland Larsson LTU and Matilda Lindström head of RISE SICS. AlfIsaksson ABB, Björn Levin RISE SICS and Sandor Albrecht RISE AI joined thestrategy workshop to support us.
RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
RISE is the Swedish Research Institute and innovation partner. In international collaboration with industry, academia and the public sector, we ensure the competitiveness of the business community and contribute to a sustainable society. Our 2,700 employees support and promote all manner of innovative processes. RISE is an independent, state-owned research institute that offers unique expertise and about 100 testbeds and demonstration facilities, instrumental in future-proofing technologies, products and services. www.ri.se
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