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ICE by RISE - Newsletter 2019:3
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News from the national Infrastructure and Cloud datacenter test Environment (ICE)
Date: 2019-09-30

News in short
  • ICE by RISE, Sweden’s best-kept secret, has new ideas up the sleeves.
  • A video on “Excess heat from datacenter – the solution for food security?” was produced in the DC-Farming project
  • The National Space Data Lab was presented at the Space Innovation Forum in Kiruna
  • The project BalticLSC is set out to enable and offer large-scale computing for small and medium sized companies.
  • DCA explains why the trade association supports a R&D project to build and manage the most efficient data centre in the world.
  • The main questions of the challenges for Smart Cities and what the impact of 5G will be in the datacenter industry are explained.
  • Two papers were presented in the special session on Future Datacenters at IEEE INDIN 2019
  • Olle Lundberg, Comsys, visited us at RISE SICS North and he recorded a video in two parts from the guided tour in our facility.
  • At the Open Compute regional summit 2019 Jon Summers presented “Building and Operating an OCP Data Center at Small Scale.
  • We are still active on our Blog, TwitterInstagram and Linkedin group. Follow us!

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The North Team is Sweden’s best kept secret!
The RISE SICS North team received this email just before the summer vacations:

“- I have reviewed the ICE by RISE website https://ice.sics.se and it gives quite a comprehensive overview of the research that you are conducting and the excellent opportunities that are available. Although I am in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Ireland and we have just had the Swedish Royal State visit accompanied with Business Sweden, I wasn’t aware of your institute’s activities. So, you are one of Sweden’s best-kept secrets. We tend to think of Lulea and Facebook. The combination of academia and commercial participation in this data centre domain, in an open access environment is very innovativ

How can that be? - Maybe we need help from our friends to become even more known?

The team wants to make a difference with projects like the phD program Cloudberry with Luleå University of Technology, the H2020 project BTDC on a cost and energy efficient datacenter with EU partners, the largest GPU cluster in Sweden, the national space data lab, the open facility test lab and many many other projects.

Keep an eye on us the coming year. The team is looking forward to show the next moves on how next generation datacenters should be built, how an network of edge compute nodes should be designed, how datacenters are made sustainable and how to deliver compute efficiently based on a large server cluster. The RISE SICS North team hopes to surprise the world of datacenters even more. It is a strong young team with many ideas, innovations and projects up the sleeves.

Welcome back to a new newsletter with ICE by RISE!

10726 DC Farming 1x1
Excess heat from Datacenter – the solution for food security?
In the Vinnova funded project “Datacenter Farming” designers are putting great efforts to find solutions to the declining numbers of locally produced vegetables in Sweden and fore-mostly north of Sweden.

The researchers are trying to find ways to make synergies with the increased interest in placing datacenter in the north and to reuse the excess heat in greenhouses for farming.

Project members are RISE, Luleå University of Technology and The Foodprint Lab architects and food system.

A video that was produced tells the views and thoughts of a range of key stakeholders that participated in a workshop to tackle the challenges together. The workshop had represents from Close Food (Nära Mat) Norrbottens region, Luleå municipality, datacenter owners and local farmers and restaurant owners.
See video here >
1x1 10727 data cube
New data lab will increase the use of data from space
We were invited to present the new National Space Data Lab at “Space Innovation Forum 9 – Testbeds for Space” in Kiruna 4-5 september. 

Read about the forum here 

The National Space Data Lab is a collaboration project between Swedish National Space Agency, RISE, LTU and AI Innovation of Sweden. It will be a national knowledge and data hub for Swedish authorities’ work on earth observation data and for the development of AI-based analysis of data, generated in space systems.

The purpose of the project is to increase the use of data from space for the development of society and industry and for the benefit of the globe. The project starts up a data lab for space data that will become a tool for different users after the end of the project. The goal is to get data, technology and methodology in place to systematically develop services and applications that use space data in the data lab.

Read more >
10731 20190627 BalticLSC team at the Great Falls 1x1
Large-scale computing for SMEs around the Baltic sea
The project BalticLSC is set out to enable and offer large-scale computing for small and medium sized companies. The vision is to lower the threshold to use high-performance computing (HPC), Big Data and large-scale AI computing.

Three outputs are already available on the project website; BalticLSC Environment Vision, Platform Architectural Vision, Software Architectural Vision form an image for the whole large-scale computing system. Be the first one to know about the idea behind the BalticLSC environment! Read more here

The consortium with partners from all countries around the Baltic Sea met before the summer vacations at the Great Falls close to Luleå, Sweden. The project is led by Warsaw University of Technology and RISE is the hardware platform partner. The workshop was very fruitful to enable next steps in the project.
10732 Boden 600x344 1x1
DCA spotlight: R&D projects are worth considering
In a recent publication Steve Hone, CEO at DCA, explains why the trade association supports R&D and provides details of DCA Partner EcoCooling’s involvement in a project to build and manage the most efficient data centre in the world.

The DCA frequently facilitates networking and introductions that allow partners to meet and discuss collaboration and research ideas and projects. For two years DCA corporate partner EcoCooling have been involved in an EU Horizon 2020 project with H1Systems, RI.SE, Fraunhofer and Boden Business Agency to build the most efficient data centre in the world.

Read the article >
1x1 10733 DCD ESpana
What are the main challenges of Smart Cities and what will be the impact of 5G in the industry?
Key questions for many in the industry is what the main challenges are for Smart Cities and what will be the impact of 5G in the industry?

During DCD Espana in Madrid May 29th Tor Björn Minde was interviewed about Smart cities, 5G, edge, energy re-use and datacenters.

See a video clip >
10734 Sebbe 1x1
RISE presented two papers at conference on Industrial Informatics
July 23-25 a RISE team went to Helsinki for the IEEE INDIN, International Conference on Industrial Informatics, 2019. The conference was organized at the beautiful campus of Aalto University. The main tracks covered industrial automation applications with an overall topic of artificial intelligence.

A special session on Future Datacenters was organized with 8 papers accepted. There were papers on software controlled facility automation (Univ. Binghamton), liquid cooling and cold plates (Univ. Binghamton), neural networks in control of temperatures (NTT) and performance (Ericsson), hybrid AC/DC power distribution (Univ. Binghamton) and anomali detection (LTU).

We had two papers to present. “Integrated thermal management of a 150kW pilot Open Compute Project style data center” and “Digital Twin for Tuning of Server Fan Controllers”. Sebastian Fredriksson presented our academic work on thermal management in our H2020 BTDC project. Rickard Brännvall presented our work on modelling server fan control using hybrid physical and machine learning methods. This was a demonstration of our approach to combine industrial development, large-scale test datacenter operations and theoretical and scientific studies.

1x1 10736 Linkedin post
Visit to RISE in Luleå resulted in video of our research facility
Olle Lundberg, entrepreneur from Comsys, visited us at RISE in Luleå. He recorded a video in two parts from the guided tour in our facility. He posted the videos on Linkedin and shared it with us. It is a regular visitors tour showing all parts of the research facility like the compute modules, the Open Compute Lab, the wind tunnels, the liquid cooling test-bed and the 5G-edge datacenter test-bed.

Video Part 1

Video Part 2

1x1 10737 Jon OCP reg summit
Open Compute Regional Summit 2019 
At the Open Compute regional summit 2019 Jon Summers presented “Building and Operating an OCP Data Center at Small Scale”.

It is well recognized that the OCP style of data center is both energy and resource efficient with many operational advantages over traditional data center arrangements.

The presentation by Jon highlighted many aspects of the build and operation of a data center that is inspired by OCP, which uses OCP IT hardware. It touched upon the operational energy savings of using direct fresh air in a climate that has a very large range of temperatures from -30 degC to 25 degC and no centralized UPS all at a scale that would be suitable for containers.

The IT resources are operated and monitored using a complete suit of open source tools and environments all of which enables this presentation to run an interactive demonstration of the capabilities of open source on OCP IT hardware at the small scale.

The presentation also introduced the research and development that RISE has undertaken with partners to create holistic thermal management control. The presentation was recorded and is on the OCP regional summit web page and was recognized on a slide by the OCP CTO.

RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
RISE is the Swedish Research Institute and innovation partner. In international collaboration with industry, academia and the public sector, we ensure the competitiveness of the business community and contribute to a sustainable society. Our 2,700 employees support and promote all manner of innovative processes. RISE is an independent, state-owned research institute that offers unique expertise and about 100 testbeds and demonstration facilities, instrumental in future-proofing technologies, products and services. www.ri.se
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