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Welcome to HPT TCP digital events fall 2020:

HPT TCP has the pleasure to invite you to some digital events during the fall. The first one is a webinar held by HPT Annex 51, presenting the final results. The second is a workshop and brainstorming session for an upcoming HPT Annex: Comfort and Climate Box for warm and humid climates. Don´t miss out!

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WORKSHOP – Climate and Comfort Box for warm and humid climate.

Date: Thursday, 12th of November, 13:00 – 16:00 CET

The purpose with the workshop is to inspire to a new Annex within HPT TCP.

The cooling demand is growing rapidly, and IEA has made several reports on this topic. Important aspects for replication and scalability are system solutions which are easy to install, affordable and efficient.

The topic was discussed at the HPT TCP National Expert Meeting in 2019 and least 5 experts expressed large interest to develop this idea further. Furthermore, representatives from India have expressed interest in the topic, as well as in the Mission Innovation Challenge #IC7 – Heating and Cooling. In addition, this also offers an opportunity to establish collaboration with other TCPs, e.g. the Energy Storage TCP (ECES TCP).

A workshop on this topic was originally scheduled for the IEA HP Conference, which should have been held in May 2020 at Jeju Island, Korea, but which is postponed to April 2021. As we consider the topic of high importance, we want to start the process of developing it further together with the HPT community already during fall 2020.

Examples of questions and problems to be discussed to define the project
  • Type of buildings to be addressed? Commercial, residential, combined?
  • How to provide cooling, dehumidification and hot water?
  • How do we provide sufficient dehumidification capacities?
  • What (grid) services can be provided and to what extent?
We want to invite you all to this workshop to develop the idea further together.

Heat Pump Centre
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WEBINAR – Annex 51

Date: Monday, 30th of November, 14:00 – 15:30 CET

  • Annex 51 Overview (10’) – Patrizia Melograno (Polimi, Italy)
  • European Legislation and Standards (10’) – N.N. (Polimi, Italy)
  • Effect of operating conditions on acoustic emissions (3 x 10’) - Francois Bessac (CETIAT, France), Thomas Gindre (ISE, Germany), Kamal Arumugam (DTI, Denmark)
  • Noise of Heat Pump components (Thore Oltersdorf, ISE Germany)
  • Heat pump installation and effects on surrounding environment (10’) – Christoph Reichl (AIT, Austria)
  • Improved description of acoustic performance - Henrik Hellgren (RI.SE, Sweden)
  • Panel discussion of the presentations (20’) - lead by Polimi
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WEBINAR – Presentation of white paper from Annex on High-Temperature Heat Pumps (HTHP) 

Date: Thursday, 29th of October, 15:00 – 16:15 CET
Industrial processes are currently responsible for 20 % of total greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. In order to stay within the 1.5°C scenario of the Paris Climate Agreement, measures to reduce these greenhouse gas emissions from industry are urgently needed.

In connection to the Annex on High-Temperature Heat Pumps (HTHP), we would like to present a White Paper on High-Temperature Heat Pumps. This paper highlights the role heat pump technologies can fulfil in realizing significant reductions in CO2 emissions arising from industrial process heating.

The White Paper aims at bringing HTHPs on the European Agenda and to make sure that it is considered in energy system planning and the creation of regulatory frameworks. Moreover, the White Paper outlines a clear demand for a dedicated, international RD&D effort and suggests the establishment of an RD&D program to strengthen industrial heat pump applications.
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