Optimising the grid in real-time

 03/11/2020 13:00 


Distribution System Operators face several challenges in the near future. UNITED-GRID develops solutions that will optimise the grid in real-time and integration of advanced DSO support tools with existing management system. 
Welcome to a webinar where we demonstrate one of the solutions: The UNITED-GRID toolbox. 
It has a unique dual approach, that will help DSOs to better manage their grid with advanced automized solutions and local supervision. It also offers high performance and processing capability, so the toolbox can embed any new solution or technology, even high demanding ones regarding performances such as artificial intelligence.

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13.00 CETIntroduction of the UNITED-GRID project

Project coordinator Tuan Le and David Steen, Chalmers University of Technology
13.05 CETCurrent and future challenges for DSOs

Henrik Forsgren, Göteborg Energy
13.10 CETDemonstration of the UNITED-GRID toolbox

Lucile Lemius, ATOS Worldgrid
13.40 CETQuestions and discussion
14.00 CETEnd


03/11/2020 13:00

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