Webinar: Biocom Lab Day
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Webinar: Biocom Lab Day

Bioelectronics at the forefront
18 Nov 2020
TIME: 08.30-11.30 CET (Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris)

Bioelectronics research and applications - state of the art from academia and industry

How can we communicate with the human body and bridge the gap between the biochemical world and the electronic world?

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we're glad you're interested in our webinar! We're hoping the event will be a source of inspiration for you and for further business. Scroll down for registration and speaker program.
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18/11/2020 08:30-18/11/2020 11:30
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Did you know?
...that you can heal nerves with your smartphone?
Or that we may detect, prevent and regulate epileptic seizures?
That a neuron fires ~200 times per second, each connected to 1,000 other neurons?
That it's possible to print human tissue?
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Dr Astrid Armgarth
RISE Bio- and Organic Electronics 
Biocom Lab and the Smart Intrabody Network – the 3d nervous system
Prof Daniel Simon

Laboratory of Organic Electronics, Linkoping University 

Iontronics - the signalling system and interfaces with humans

Dr Ichiro Amimori, CEO

Xenoma (Japan)

State of the art wearable sensors for body monitoring
Prof Takao Someya

University of Tokyo (Japan)

Monitoring health with breathable electronic skin

Wilhelm Gatenbeck, Business Innovation Partner
Remote care and personalised medicine in Roche

Anders Tjernvik, Head of Research at Linkura

Linkura AB

Remote monitoring in 2020

Dr Simon Farnebo, Surgeon

University Hospital in Linkoping

Nerve regeneration stimuli with your smartphone

Dr Patrik Stenlund

RISE, Medical Technology

Medical technology - Bioprinting and human tissue regeneration

Magnus Samuelsson, CEO
Coala Life AB

Heart monitoring in a remote care system

Dr Nils-Krister Persson

Smart Textiles, University of Borås

Smart textiles in connected health-scenarios

Dr Peter KjällRISE, Head of e-HealthOutlook: Connected Health

Henrik Cederqvist

CEO, Cuviva AB

Redefining eHealth - remote care in practice

We're in the process of adding speakers to the program, to cover both the academic forefront and perspectives from multinational corporations.
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Interfacing with the human body
Bioelectronics is a fast growing field at the intersection of medtech, materials science and electronics. Using novel materials, components and techniques we create innovation to enable remote monitoring, diagnostics and treatment with smaller and smarter systems - moving the patients out from the hospitals.
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Just get in touch with us:

Björn Norberg

Business Development, RISE Smart Hardware


Astrid Armgarth

Scientist, RISE Bio- and Organic Electronics


Maria Edblad

Communications Manager, RISE


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