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The 13th IEA Heat Pump Conference in Jeju, Korea
Now is the time to submit your abstract to the next International Heat Pump Conference! In May 2020 the IEA Technology Collaboration Programme on Heat PumpingTechnologies (HPT TCP) holds their 13th conference on heat pumping technologies, this time on Jeju Island in Korea. The call for abstract closes on May 15.
The theme of the conference is “Heat pumps – mission for the green world”. Under this theme a wide array of aspects will be covered, such as “Recent advances on heat pumping technologies”, “Field demonstration and multi-disciplined applications”and “Policy, standards and market”. Ultimately, the aim is to address global climate change and discuss necessary actions.
For the participants, the conference will offer opportunities to discuss the latest technologies in heat pumps, and exchange valuable knowledge in market, policy,and standards information on related technologies. At the exhibition area, information and contacts on products and technologies from domestic and foreign companies will be shared.
The conference is held in Jeju city on Jeju Island, a holiday destination with beaches and volcanic mountains that could inspire to a tour into the nature. In addition technical tours will be organized. This is the third time that the conference is held in Asia, and the first time in Korea.

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