Introductory course new delegates and experts 
June 1, 2023

SEK Svensk Elstandard invites you to an introductory course - free of charge - to all new delegates and experts.
 The purpose of the course is to give an introduction as to how the standardization work operates, how to get best use of the different data bases at your disposal and how you as a delegate can get the most out of your involvement.

The introductory course will be held digitally on Zoom at 08:30-12:30 on June 1, 2023.

Course content:
  • Introduction to electrotechnical standardization 
  • How the practical work within committees and working groups is carried out, both nationally and internationally
  • Computer exercises in databases
Computer exercises will be carried out where you will have the opportunity to practice searches in various databases for information and documents related to the standardization work. For this you need your personal login that you have received from IEC.

After completing the course, you as a participant will have an overall knowledge of the national, European and international electrotechnical standardization and be able to find and obtain information from relevant databases yourself.

Agenda and Zoom-link will be sent out in a separate email before the course.

During the course there will also be time for questions and you can send in your questions in advance. You are welcome to send your questions to or about the course via email to


Registration to the introductory course
I hereby allow SEK to store my personal information above. SEK processes your personal data in accordance with current legislation. All data is used and processed to provide and fulfill commitments, perform and improve SEK's services to you as a member. Learn more here.
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Good to keep in mind at a webinar
  • Have the microphone switched on only when you are talking so that any background noise does not interfere
  • Speak clearly and start by introducing yourself 
  • Turn off other programs on your computer 
  • Turn off the camera in case of poor internet connection
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Online meetings on Zoom
SEK recommends that you use the downloadable version of Zoom. If you cannot use this, there are alternative Zoom connections to use:
  • Call in via the announced national telephone number 
  • Use the Zoom mobile app
  • Use the web client through a web browser
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