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News International #2
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Dear Reader,
With joy and pride we have introduced several exciting news within LIGHTer this spring. We are writing a little bit more about several of them here in the newsletter.
  • LIGHTer Product optimization is a whole new business under LIGHTER's umbrella.
  • We expand LIGHTer Academy with two new creative, senior researchers in lightweight.
  • We open the project form feasibility studies, to facilitate technology leap.
  • LIGHTer Small businesses offer easy, quick financing for projects by smaller companies.
  • Our workshops create great networks. During the spring, 260 people have participated!
  • Internationally, we have begun to establish ourselves as a famous player. Stimulating!

LIGHTer would like to thank all our members, partners, stakeholders and funding authorities for a very good cooperation.

We wish you a calm, beautiful and inspiring summer!

Cecilia Ramberg, Director LIGHTer
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"The project led to the introduction of new products on the market"
- Anders Holmkvist, Production & Quality Manager Inxide

We interviewed Anders Holmkvist, who told us that several new products from Inxide were introduced on the market during the project period.
Read the full interview with Anders Holmkvist.
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LIGHTer in Wolfsburg, Germany
On May 29-30, the conference "Faszination Hybrider Leichtbau" was arranged in Wolfsburg, Germany. LIGHTer was invited to make three presentations.
Among the topics of the conference are “Innovative material concepts” and “Products for hybrid lightweight constructions” - which were parts of the core of LIGHTer's technical goals. Moreover, LIGHTer has developed an international strategy for the coming years. OHLF are one of our international network members.
More information about Faszination Leichtbau 2018
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We have grown!

In March 2018, the LIGHTer's board decided to include product optimization as a part of LIGHTer's activities. The new branch is called LIGHTer Product Optimization, and its activities are mainly run by Harald Hasselblad, Volvo Cars and Mikael Thellner, Scania.
The first seminar was organised on June, 4th with a focus on reports of Master theses within product optimization. More than 50 people attended the seminar.

The next seminar is planned for September, 19th in Gothenburg
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LIGHTer was presented at EUREKA SMART
A presentation about LIGHTer was held by Elisabeth Sagtröm, Swerea IVF during the EUREKA SMART Innovation Days in Helsinki, Finland on May 22-24. LIGHTer is one of the partners in EUREKA SMART.
The EUREKA Innovation Days were a good opportunity to meet companies and research organisations from across Europe and beyond in Finland’s capital Helsinki.
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Call on AM and Lightweight
Swiss-Swedish Innovation Initiative (SWII) invites you to apply for research projects in the call called “Additive Manufacturing and Lightweight Technologies”. In order to present project ideas and form consortia, you are welcome to join a workshop on 25 September 2018 at EMPA Academy Dübendorf in Switzerland. Swedish SMEs may apply for a travel grant from Vinnova. LIGHTer has been co-writing the call text. We will be at the workshop to present LIGHTer and help form good networking and applications.
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Read about LIGHTer in CompositesWorld
LIGHTer has been given some international attention: the online magazine CompositesWorld recently published an
article about LIGHTer and our activities.

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1801 EUrostars


Eurostars is a Project financing for research intensive SMEs that can apply for market driven development together with at least one other European regional partner.
The Project should last for maximum 36 months and contribute to innovations that are introduced to the market maximum 24 months after the Project has ended.

More information about the application process.
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640x640transp Get 25% funding for a research position
640x640transp LIGHTer Academy is a crossdisciplinary research cluster. It consists of 11 researchers who are partly financed by LIGHTer Academy.
The researchers are representing the academic field, research institutes or companies.
LIGHTer Academy is now looking for two more members of the cluster. Researchers who have a permanent position or a "tunure track" at a Swedish University are welcome to apply.

For more information about the vacant positions, please contact: Lars-Erik Lindgren,, at Luleå University of Technology.

Deadline: July, 1st 2018
June 21 LIGHTer's only large call for research and innovation projects 2018 closes.

September 18 LIGHTer workshop Lightweight in the Construction Industry and Board Meeting, Lindholmen Science Park, Gothenburg

September 19 Seminar on product optimzation, Gothenburg

October 4 Seminar: Plastic - Current State and Future ScenariosJönköping University, Jönköping

November 21
LIGHTer Annual Meeting, Future workshop and Board Meeting, Stockholm

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640x640transp Sweden's capability to develop world leading competence within lightweight technology will be decisive for the Swedish industries' competitiveness, growth and possibilities to reach global environmental goals. LIGHTer is creating the essential collaborations within lightweight: cross-disciplinary, cross industrial sectors, focused, innovative and efficient. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or opinions concerning the newsletter and its content.

Funding for the programme is being provided by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas.
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