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Newsletter March 2021
2934 Investment 640x640transp
640x640transp Investment, worth 2 MEUR
640x640transp Kanthal and Swerim invests in an ultra-modern atomizing equipment. The investment, worth 2 MEUR, will help Sweden maintain its world-leading position in the area of powder metallurgy. Read more.
2961 1 people 640x640transp
640x640transp Swerim’s new TGA is up and running!
640x640transp The High Temperature lab at Swerim in now equipped with a brand-new Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) equipment by TA Instruments. The TGA can be used for studying in-situ growth of oxide layers on metallic alloys related to high temperature corrosion processes. Read more.
2942 Hybrit 640x640transp
640x640transp HYBRIT lab at Swerim ready for trials
640x640transp A partnership between HYBRIT and Swerim has resulted in a new laboratory. The aim is to hasten the journey towards fossil-free steel production. Read more.
2943 Large scale 640x640transp
640x640transp Large scale infrastructure research facility (LSI)
640x640transp Swerim team now includes experts in photon and neutron-based techniques located in Lund and Stockholm. Read more.
2944 Collaboration 640x640transp
640x640transp Collaboration with MTC Powder Solutions
640x640transp We are proud to announced that MTC Powder Solutions (MTC PS), a part of Metal Technology Co. Ltd (MTC) have recently signed an agreement with Swerim. Read more.
New projects
2946 Valorising
Valorising emissions from steel-making into sustainable products
Swerim has joined the INITIATE (Innovative industrial transformation of the steel and chemical industries of Europe) consortium, a project awarded 21 M€ by European Union Horizon 2020 Framework Programme. Read more
2947 Better control
Better control of the processes with digital twins

Swerim has been granted the Vinnova-Eureka project VMAP-Analytics. The total budget for the project is SEK 35 million. Read more

April 15, 2021. Tema temperature. Webinar (SWE) >>

April 23, 2021. Corrosion Awareness Day 2021. Webinar >>

June 9, 2021. INNOFAT (Innovative approach to improve fatigue performance of automotive components aiming at CO2 emissions reduction). Webinar >>

November 18, 2021. Swerim Member’s day. Webinar. Save the date!
New employees
2954 Rosa Maria Pineda Huitron 3
Rosa M. Pineda Huitron
Welcome Rosa M. Pineda Huitron to Swerim and a role as a researcher and project manager in the group Raw materials and quality.
2949 Sivaprasad Palla (
Sivaprasad Palla (Siva)
Welcome Sivaprasad Palla (Siva) to a Senior Expert role for group Heating & Processing Technology at Swerim AB.
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