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Newsletter May 2022
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640x640transp Ultra-modern atomizer inaugurated
640x640transp Swerim and Kanthal announced their joint investment - an ultra-modern atomizer for manufacturing and development of metal powder, an initiative that will help Sweden to maintain its world-leading position in the metal-powder industry. Read more
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640x640transp New possibilities with graphene in electric vehicles
640x640transp The outcomes show that the developed hybrid material, with graphene and copper, achieved a more than 50 percent improvement in hardness, strength and ductility. The thermal properties also showed an improvement of more than 15 percent after the addition of graphene to the material. Read more
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640x640transp Elmia Welding & Joining Technology
640x640transp Swerim participated at Elmia Welding & Joining Technology in Jönköping, Sweden. The leading trade fair for products and solutions in welding and joining technology. Four days of meetings, discussions and seminars. Great to be able to see and exchange ideas. Thank you all!

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640x640transp Congratulations, Maria Lundgren!
640x640transp Swerim congratulates Maria Lundgren, who is nominated to this year's "40 over 40 List", as well as other participants including "Fe of the Year" – Jenny Gotthardsson, area manager for Boliden Garpenberg. Read more
3277 klimatsmart 640x640transp
640x640transp Climate-smart concrete from grain by-products
640x640transp The new, climate-smart building material Agri™ concrete was presented for the first time in May by ByggVesta. The pre-cast concrete elements, which have half as much climate impact as conventional concrete, have been installed in ByggVesta's property Sköterskan in Sege Park, Malmö. Read more 
Graphics: Liljewall Arkitekter/ByggVesta
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640x640transp MiAMI project – The Technology Transfer of the Year
640x640transp The award for "Årets Överlämning" (Technology Transfer of the Year), was presented to the participants in the MiAMI project – Material design for additive manufacturing of industrial tools – at the programme conference for Metalliska material (Metallic Materials). 
Read more
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640x640transp Project ensure good health for those who work with AM
640x640transp A new Vinnova-project will ensure good health of workers along the entire value chain of additive manufacturing (AM). To achieve this, consensus and recommendations for health check-ups, routines, preventive measures, occupational exposure limits (OELs), etc. will be developed. Read more
3272 mineralull 640x640transp
640x640transp Mineral wool made from residual products from the aluminium industry?
640x640transp A successful research project demonstrates the possibility of manufacturing mineral wool with less environmental impact than methods currently used. Anodising sludge, a secondary resource from the aluminium industry, can be used in the manufacture of mineral wool, since it is technically feasible to briquette the sludge. Read more
3276 nya kollegor 640x640transp
640x640transp Swerim is hiring! Are you our new colleague?
640x640transp Swerim is looking for curious and dedicated people who want to join us, together with our owners and customers, in creating the sustainable industry of the future. We have four open position. Read more


2 June at 12.00-13.00Korrugerade balkar i rostfritt stål (webinar arranged by Stålbyggnadsinstitutet)
20 June at 14.00-15.00Towards low-carbon economy - green metals/minerals (webinar)
29 September at 13.00-15.00Recycling Day 2022 (webinar, save the date)
27 OctoberSwerimdagen incl.100 years anniversary, Kista  (seminar, save the date)
22-23 NovemberCopper Alloys 2022 (conference in Düsseldorf, Germany)

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