Corrosion Awareness Day 2022
25/04/2022 13:00
Program for the Corrosion Awareness Day
Monday 25th of April 2022 at 13.00-16.00

12.45Meeting opened to allow connection check

SESSION 1: Corrosion Basics

Moderator: Rachel Pettersson, Jernkontoret/KTH
13.00Introduction and historic perspective
Rachel Pettersson, Jernkontoret/KTH
13.10Corrosion as an electrochemical process
Caterina Zanella, JU
13.20Corrosion at high temperatures
Jesper Liske, CTH
13.30Surface analysis to understand corrosion mechanisms
Dan Persson, RISE
13.40Testing corrosion and stress in combination
Leyla Wickström, Swerim
13.50Questions and discussion
14.00Short break

SESSION 2:  Corrosion and microstructure

Moderator: Nuria Fuertes, Swerim
14.10Studying pitting corrosion with a synchrotron
Isac Lazar, Lund University
14.20Surface oxides on 3D printed steel with X-rays
Konstantin Simonov, Swerim
14.30Corrosion and passivation behaviour of cemented carbides
Jayaraj Jayamani, HDa
14.40Designing resistance to hydrogen embrittlement
Erik Claesson, Swerim
14.50Questions and discussion
15.00Short break

SESSION 3: Corrosion in applications

Moderator: Inger Odnevall, KTH
15.10What can the fish farming industry learn from the past – examples of corrosion problems
Roy Johnsen, NTNU
15.20Corrosion and its effect on antimicrobial activity
Tingru Chang, KTH
15.30Corrosion in additively manufactured superduplex stainless steel
Nikhil Dixit, Sandvik Additive Manufacturing
15.40Methods for corrosion protection of infra structures
Abdelkader Meroufel, RISE
15.50Questions, dicussion and conclusion
16.00End of webinar
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25/04/2022 13:00

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