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Registration to the Italian
Opus Suite Conference 2024
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14 May 2024

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Leonardo Aircraft Division
Turin, Italy

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As the conference venue is located at Leonardo Aircraft's security area, please provide the following personal details. ID card or Passport number is also necessary for registration. Please note, you need to show the same identification upon check in to attend the conference on May 14th. 
For the security clearing, please also take a COPY OF YOUR ID/PASSPORT and send the image to b.predonzani@setelgroup.it before 23rd April. 
In case of questions, please contact Barbara Predonzani, SeTel at +39 346 230 3180. 
I will attend:
Join us for a Mingle in Turin after the Conference (approx. 18:30 - 19:30). Transport to the Turin mingle will be arranged.
Would you like to book a separate meeting with SeTel and Systecon during the conference?
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