Read about timber dominance at Västra hamnen, get to know our new Foreman Marie-Louise and we go aboard the expedition vessel M/V Polar Pioneer to talk about her thrilling mission in our latest newsletter
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Discharging tower part for wind power in Port of Uddevalla.
Timber dominance at Västra Hamnen
We have seen an increase in the quantities of timber, pulpwood and fuel wood shipped out from Uddevalla during the past year. The increase is partly an effect of the shortage created on the market by the fact that Russian timber is no longer available.

Most of the timber we handle in Port of Uddevalla is originated from northern Bohuslän and Dalsland and most of these products have been shipped out from Västra hamnen, Fröland. As part of our service offer, we also lease out large areas to various forestry companies here. We offer flexible solutions tailored to our customers' needs. In this way Port of Uddevalla is part of the solution to fix the shortage of raw materials for the paper mills.

The terminal volumes of timber handled in the port have also increased during the year. The timber arrives directly from the forest by truck to the port, is reloaded and then transported from Uddevalla by railway. In total during 2021, 460,000 m³ of timber was handled. So far this year, over 600,000 m³ of timber has been handled in the same way.
Timber in Port of Uddevalla
M/V Polar Pioneer - an expedition vessel with a unique mission
Today and during the coming winter, the expedition vessel Polar Pioneer is safely moored in Port of Uddevalla. M/V Polar Pioneer has been around for quite some time as she was built in 1982. However, with new owners and new possibilities, she and her crew are now getting ready for the upcoming charter season. M/V Polar Pioneer arrived to the quay at inner harbor Badö in Port of Uddevalla almost two months ago.

- We are very happy here; it is a safe port, and everyone is positive about us staying here. The location is also great, with the proximity to the freeway and as a matter of fact it's close to home for me as well. I live in Ljungskile and a few more members of our crew also live nearby. It was a very special feeling to be one of the new owners of this ship and maneuvering it here, seeing my home and the house in Ljungskile on the way here. It doesn't get any better than that! Says Captain Staffan Strive.

Coming to Port of Uddevalla is a one-time event. The newly founded company, with Staffan at the helm, is still building up its business. As from now, It will be charter season basically all year round. Except of course when it's time for the annual docking that all passenger ships must undergo. In March the next docking is planned, which will prepare M/V Polar Pioneer for the coming charter season and for its next big adventure, Antarctica.
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M/V Polar Pioneer with captain Staffan Strive
We present our new foreman - Marie-Louise
640x640transp Our new foreman, Marie-Louise Hansson!
Marie-Louise Hansson is new as Foreman in our stevedore department as from September. However, she is far from new to us as she has been part of Port of Uddevalla for about eight years. Until now she has been employed as a Stevedore worker, but she has regularly been assisting as foreman. Export of paper to the US is one of our fastest growing cargo types and in the day-to-day operational work related to this, Marie-Louise has quickly become one of the key people.

- I want to contribute to a working climate where we have fun at work and where the team always comes first. When we together succeed in an assignment where both I and my colleagues feel satisfied, I have succeeded with my task. The best thing about my new role is that I can influence in a completely different way than I could before. As a person, I am probably perceived as happy and positive most of the time. I would like to see myself as a spreader of joy and as someone who sees solutions where others may see problems. At the same time, order is important to me. Together, both these sides have proven to be an asset in my work, says Marie-Louise.

In the new role Marie-Louise is one of five Foremen, who are responsible for leading and distributing the work of the various stevedoring and terminal assignments. Within the port, vessels, railway wagons and trucks are discharged and loaded, and we also handle goods in warehouses and on storage areas on behalf of our customers. As a Foreman, Marie-Louise also participates in planning ahead of whats to come as well as solving problems that arise along the way. It is a varied role with constant changes.

- It feels extra special to be Port of Uddevalla’s first female Foreman. Being both young and woman means I often see things from a new angle. I'm not afraid to use that opportunity to reflect, challenge and contribute to developing new ways of working.

We welcome Marie-Louise in her new role!
Strong interim result equals good conditions for investments
640x640transp Bulkcargo and bigbags handled at Västra hamnen, Fröland.
Our interim report for as per August 31 shows a fantastic result of SEK 18.7 million. This is a large increase compared to our original budget and compared to the forecast made during spring.

A lot has happened in our business since this year's budget was set. Freight volumes have increased significantly during the period, which also means notably higher revenues than could have been expected. Our forecasted full-year result has been revised in connection with the interim report to SEK 24m before tax.

The result not only strengthens the company's finances, but also equals good conditions for our future need of investments.
640x640transp Jacob Engholm, Marketing Manager
Full speed ahead!
Looking back at this time last year and the questions we had then, I can see we now have the answers to some of them while new ones have appeared. The pandemic is largely behind us, while working from home has become a natural part of the new normal. We are very happy to see that our visitors have found their way back to our office grounds. And that we now have a choice to either see each other in person or meet digitally depending on the occasion. The debate in the election year here in Sweden swished by quickly as the focus is on tackling the consequences of the war, inflation, eventual recession, and energy consumption.

As a port, energy and fuel are a vital necessity for our operations. We take care of vessels, vehicles, and machinery that all need energy in some form. High energy consumption drives operational costs, and of course it also means that we leave a climate footprint. For a long time, we have worked actively to select the machinery that help us to reduce our climate impact. Reducing emissions also comes with another positive benefit, a better working environment for our personnel.

We have had a very intense year where we have seen a 30% increase in volumes over quays compared to the previous year. The increase mainly consists of several new freight flows where forest products stand out above all. Forest products could be everything from paper, packaging material and pellets to various kinds of timber. Dry bulk cargo and liquid bulk have also increased. Project cargo, which among other things includes wind power, continues to be stable at high levels. The increased volumes show as increased revenue in the interim report, and our forecast is that this trend will continue during the rest of this year.

As we still see growth in several segments, we are gearing up to meet the demand. A task that is both exciting and challenging. We will stay on the right course and steer our way forward, by continuing to be a safe haven for our customers, partners, and employees.

Jacob Engholm, Marketing Manager
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