Uddevalla as temporary home port creates local job, we invest in four new electric trucks, earning trend continues in our recent interim report. Read about this and much more, in our latest newsletter
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Uddevalla as temporary home port creates local jobs

The port of Uddevalla has been designated a national interest by the Swedish Transport Administration. Therefore, we have an important task to take care of vessels that are in need of a quay, both for shorter and longer periods. There can be many reasons why a vessel needs to be layed up, for example; fluctuations in the economy, change of ownership or repairs and upgrades.

The shipping companies usually use this time of standstill wisely, as it is a good opportunity for them to do reparations, modernize various systems and perform other needed work on board. For Uddevalla this means that the vessels, who use us as as their temporary home port, creates jobs for our local companies.

We always advise the shipping companies to choose local when they need help with performing various work on board their vessels. The vessels who are using Port of Uddevalla as their home port at the moment, have contributed to creating jobs for a number of local companies during their stay. We had a little chat with one of these companies, METS Technology. METS Technology is a rather new Uddevalla based company, which celebrated their 1st year in June. The company consists of 18 people and has a service-based offer on the engineering side.

-We assemble standard products into ready-made technically solutions, as we are a system integrator in electricity and automation. We always want to include and integrate sustainability in our technology. Electrification and battery operation are segments that we all have seen on the roads, now we are seeing an increase in this also by sea. Says Johan Marcusson, Managing Director at Mets Technology.
 Work on board for METS and Marinfloc
 Work on board for METS and Marinfloc
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Four new electric forklifts strengthen our fleet of machinery

Right before the summer holidays, we placed an order of four new electric forklifts from the producer Linde. Two of these forklifts are of model Linde E35, with a free-lift stand. As these forklifts are low-built, they are ultimate to use when stowing bigbags in the vessels holds. They are also very well suited for stuffing and stripping of containers in our terminals.

640x640transp Electric forklift from Linde on trial with us
The other two forklifts are of model Linde E60 and has a high-lift stand. These forklifts are perfect for when we handle forest products in our warehouses.

As we gradually replace the traditional diesel driven forklifts with new electric ones, we improve the working environment for our employees, while at the same time reducing our environmental impact. That is what we call a great investment!

The forklifts are estimated to be delivered before the turn of the year.
640x640transp William Larsson
New employee in our workshop
Our newest employee, William Larsson has been with us since September 1st. He previously had his internship with us and was then recruited directly after he finished his degree, at the automotive engineering high school in Uddevalla.

We wish him warmly welcome to us!
640x640transp New gates on our workshop premises
Refurbishment of offices and workshop buildings
A much-needed refurbishment of our offices and workshops at  Bastiongatan in Uddevalla is right now carried out. On the entrance side of our office building, the window façade has been replaced and we are in full swing with renovating of some of our offices.

We have also, with the help from the company ALE-portar, installed new gates to our workshop premises.
640x640transp Discharging of tower parts from M/V Nowowiejski
Earning trend continues in our recent interim report
We began this year with a fine earnings trend for Uddevalla Hamnterminal. This trend continues in our interim report as per August 31, were we can report a result for the period of SEK 8.1 million. This is a significant increase, compared to the budget we set of SEK 2.3 million.

The total volume of goods across our quays, after the second four-month period, amounts to 674 thousand tons. One explanation for the good result, despite the effects of Covid-19, is that we have had an increase in project cargo and grain compared to our budget.
Update from the ongoing renovation on Sörvik
If you look at the Sörvik quay, it can seem like we are only halfway through the renovation, as only half the length of the quay is casted and paved. But in reality, the work is much further advanced than that, as almost the entire southern part is now reinforced internally. All that remains is to reinforce a short piece of the quays inside on the north side, and completing the surface layer.

The old surface layer, which consisted of asphalt, has been torn down all the way to the concrete. The concrete below must then be demolished, using water with a high pressure, to give the new reinforced concrete layer a good grip. Instead of putting a new asphalt layer on the quay, wich would be approximately 7 cm thick, the quay will get a new 20 cm thick concrete layer. The concrete will be as high up as possible, along with the crane rails. This will mean that the the quay will withstand as heavy a load as possible.

Underneath the quay we are replacing the old L-supports with new and deeper ones, to prevent the sea from undermining the quay from the inside. On the inside of the quay we will also be putting asphalt, in three layers. The top coating will be done in the spring, to make sure that the ground has time to settle over the winter.

Finally the finished surface of the quay will be impregnated with a moisture barrier, so that the salty water surrounding it will not get into the concrete and reach the reinforcement. From the south side of the quay and 35 meters in, this is how far the renovation has come. Most of the impregnation will however probably be done in the spring. This is considering the concrete takes about a month to curate. But also because the impregnation needs dry weather for at least two days before and for two days after the execution.
Work on Sörvik quay 640x640transp
Work on Sörvik quay 640x640transp
Work on Sörvik quay
640x640transp Ulf Stenberg, CEO
Flexibility is our strength
We have had a relatively even flow of goods in the past few months, although we have also felt some negative effects due to Covid-19. Some types of goods have however actually increased, more than we expected. This means that we can still see an overall positive trend in our revenues and earnings development. A quick check on cargo volumes and statistics, proves that this is also in line with the feeling we have in the port at the moment.

Unlike many other industries, who have been, more or less, forced to have their staff work from home. Our business depends on that most of us are hera and working on site. My colleagues and I have of course, despite this, complied with the rules and recommendations that have been issued. After working like this for just over six months, we have found that the social part of our job is incredibly important and has a great positive impact on us all. The general opinion, if you ask around, is that we are lucky to still have a job to go to!

The future can of course feel uncertain in times like this, our ability to make assessments is based on facts and may change over time. Our strength as a port however, always lies in us being a solution-oriented, experienced and knowledgeable partner. The investments we have made in cranes and quays, shows that it is possible to do good things for our customers, even in times of crisis. We are very proud of our new investments and equipment and would very much like to show it to you. However, the majority of visits will have to wait, until the current pandemic situation has passed.

You are always welcome to contact us, we are happy to tell you more about us and all about what is happening in the port!

Ulf Stenberg, CEO
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