Read about a new kind of cargo to Uddevalla, meet this year's summer personnel, continued steady volumes of wind power and more in our latest newsletter.
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Discharging of tower sections for wind power in Port of Uddevalla
New kind of cargo to Port of Uddevalla
A new kind of cargo has been handled in Port of Uddevalla during this spring. Two vessels, with cargo consisting of a total of 70 recreational boats in several different models has arrived to Uddevalla. All the boats are from the manufacturer Brunswick Corporation and their well-known brand Uttern.
The leisure boats were delivered fully complete and arrived directly from Brunswick Corporation's factory in Portugal. M/V Wilson Dagenhamn delivered the first 34 leisure boats in April and the second vessel, M/V Wilson Leith, arrived to Uddevalla in mid-May with another 36 boats. As a result of the continued high demand for recreational boats, and a well-functioning logistics solution, we have another shipment scheduled to arrive on Friday this week.

The leisure boats are immediately delivered to several dealers in the neighbouring area. Just in time to offer Swedish vacationers a summer with a silver lining, consisting of wonderful recreational boating.

Brunswick Corporation manufactures recreational boats, boat engines, parts, and accessories for marine use. They operate in 24 countries and their products are sold in more than 170 markets worldwide.
Recreational boats on the way to their new owners!
This year's summer employees, here to help you!
The Holiday season is upon us and as usual our summer employees is on site with us. They will help us continue to provide the best possible service to our customers all through the summer, when our regular staff enjoys some time off. As the demand for our services continues to be on a high level, we have made sure to also add extra personnel resources this year. This means that more departments than usual has been reinforced. Our stevedore-, cargo reception-, technics-, forwarding- and administration departments all has extra personnel during the summer.

Most of our summer employees has worked with us before but several of them are new. All in all, we have a good mix of both new and familiar faces at our various departments, that will meet you here this summer. We wish them all a warm welcome to Port of Uddevalla!
This years summer
Upbeat start to this year for Uddevalla Hamnterminal
640x640transp Crane and operator in Port of Uddevalla
Uddevalla Hamnterminal shows a good result for the first interim report of this year, SEK 5.4 million for the initial four months of 2022. A figure that exceeds the period's budgeted result of SEK 3.5 million. Cargo volumes in the port have also increased by a fantastic 40% compared to last year.

The increased freight volumes does mean more revenue, but also greater need of more personnel and machinery resources. And as in society in general we are of course affected by the higher costs for electricity and fuel, among other things. With all this counted for in the forecast for the full year, we have currently set it to SEK 12.4 million before tax.
Wind power at stable levels during 2022
As in previous years we continue to handle steady volumes of wind power parts in the port also in 2022. This year we have or will receive 50 wind turbines in total, for two different customers. All the projects we handle this year are intended for Swedish windparks, situated in Strömstad, Årjäng and Sunne among other places.

One projects that we already have received is the one which arrived with the vessel Herbert. As part of her first journey, the so-called maiden voyage, M/V Herbert called at Port of Uddevalla in early May. She was a very impressive sight to see, with ten fully complete wind turbines loaded onboard.

On her maiden voyage M/V Herbert had already called at several other ports for loading, in China, Vietnam and India. However, Uddevalla was the vessels first port for discharging and we discharged six of the ten wind turbines. The wind power parts were then transported on to Åmål, where they will form the new windpark Kingebol.

The wind turbines that we receive today are divided into six tower sections, which when assembled measure about 200 meters high. The Rotorblades are up to 84 meters long.

Discharging tower sections from M/V Herbert
Job satisfaction - a matter close to heart
640x640transp Job satisfaction - a matter close to heart for Port of Uddevalla
Every year all of our employees are offered a voluntary health exam through our occupational health service. This is a part of our preventive work for the work environment. The health exam includes a survey that focuses on both physical and mental health. One of the things that is addressed in the survey is job satisfaction. This year, too, the survey shows that our employees in general thrive in their workplace. This is something we are very happy and proud of.

With increasing freight volumes, we have worked extra hard this year to live up to our customers' expectations. The consequence of the increased workload was also something that was shown in the survey. At our various departments we have, because of this, reviewed where there was a need for extra resources. A recruitment work was also initiated already last winter, which has given us more flexibility in the organization when we are challenged a little extra. It is important to us that our employees thrive and feel good at work
Peak season for development
640x640transp New canvas for tent at Sörvik terminal
Several development works have been carried out in the port during the recent months. The work of giving warehouse no 52 a new roof, by company Llentab, is almost completed. Warehouse no 52 is located on Skeppsholmspier and this is where we currently store forest products for our US traffic. Our storage tent at Sörvik has been equipped with a new canvas by the company Halltec, in collaboration with workers at Ecovus. As picture shows, the tent is now ready to receive new cargo for storage.

A new and safer fence has been installed on Sörviks west side towards Bender's area and on Badö next to the quay where grain is loaded. Soon we will have a new gate in place out to Skeppsholmspier which will increases security for both vessels and cargo. We are also continuously upgrading access to Wi-Fi in our warehouses and at our quays.

In addition, NCC has ensured that this year's asphalt is in place where it was needed. And with the help from the local carpentry company Nibloq, our office has been given a boost, that includes new windows.
640x640transp Ulf Stenberg, CEO
A summer greeting from our CEO
The future is unpredictable to say the least. This has made the development of the security policy situation one of the most important questions for the port industry this summer. Every step towards strengthening our company's finances is preferable as we have a swaying and difficult-to-assess journey ahead of us. Situated on the west coast we have an advantage in our geographical location, with rail in combination with motorway close by. From here, we can offer Swedish businesses and society in general the services that are currently in demand. In combination with a flexible way of working, it has rewarded us with higher freight volumes than usual and a good financial start to this year.

In the past six months, freight volumes have increased by 15% more than we expected. As a result, both our regular- and our extra employees has had to work hard and at times also very intensively. This is not a sustainable situation and not one that is meant to last. Therefore, more employees have been hired, more machines and equipment have been purchased and this year's summer personnel has been increased in number compared to previous years. We hope that all this put together will help us find a better work balance for the future.

The Holiday season is already here, and we all need to find time to recover. For me, it is important that everyone in the staff can enjoy a wonderful holiday in peace and quiet during the summer months. My hopes are that the critical situation in Europe will soon stabilize. So that a world, where a life of peace and security becomes a matter of course.

Ulf Stenberg, CEO
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