Three more years with regular liner service, we recruit internal talent to our work environment investment, new rules introduced for access to Port of Uddevalla and more in our latest newsletter!
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Three more years with regular service between Uddevalla and the US
Port of Uddevalla have entered into a new three-year agreement with our customer, in which will deepen our cooperation. The agreement implies that we will continue to receive their packaging material, as well as store and load it on board Wagenborg Shipping's Liner Service between Uddevalla and Philadelphia.

At Uddevalla Hamnterminal we are happy to have received the renewed confidence in handling our customers packaging material for another period. They have high demands on quality at all levels and this is of course proof that we have delivered during the past year. The length of the agreement means that we can invest in long-term sustainability and stability when we develop our service, in an otherwise turbulent time. says Ulf Stenberg, CEO of Uddevalla Hamnterminal.

In this service Wagenborg Shipping operates the vessel M/V Oranjeborg as well as several breakbulk vessels in the A class, and there will be two to three vessels a month to Philadelphia, US.

A lot has happened since our collaboration with this customer for export to the US east coast began, a little more than a year ago. The volumes across Uddevalla have increased successively, and nowadays there are often extra vessels booked as the demand for Swedish-made packaging material is high. We have invested large resources in the form of personnel, warehouses, and IT, which has led to a huge development in our service during this time, Ulf Stenberg adds.
The agreement covers a volume of approx. 120,000 tonnes in 2023 and 175,000 – 200,000 tonnes in 2024/2025.
M/V Oranjeborg loading in Port of Uddevalla
We recruit internal talent to our work environment investment
640x640transp Jonny Karlsson, HSEQ-samordnare
Jonny Karlsson was recruited in October to our new role as HSEQ coordinator, as an investment in our work environment. HSEQ stands for Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality and the role of HSEQ coordinator means that Jonny will be responsible to coordinate work environment, environment and quality work for Uddevalla Hamnterminal.

- Since this is a completely new role, I have a great chance to make it my own. I have extensive experience within the company and know something about most things here. I have mostly worked as a stevedore worker before, but in addition to that I was elected representative in the trade union organization for a long time. That has given me a good overview of all our agreements and work environment issues. I think that will be a great advantage in my new role and I look forward to bringing that knowledge to use here, Jonny says.

Jonny has been part of Uddevalla Hamnterminal ever since 1994 when he started to work extra as an stevedore, and he is the third generation stevedore in his family.
- Both my father and my grandfather have worked here. I also have some other relatives who work here now or have done so in the past. It's nice that I've been able to carry on the tradition.

Jonny was eventually hired permanently as a stevedore worker and has since then teached many of our employees how to drive forklifts and machines safely as an instructor, among other things. Some of you may also have met Jonny when he recently helped us as a substitute freight forwarder.

In his new role, Jonny is part of our operations department and will be directly involved in their day-to-day operational work as well as acting as a replacement for our Operations Coordinator. He will also have some personnel responsibility, but above all his focus will be on questions related to work environment and quality. Jonny is a versatile and valued employee and colleague, and we look forward to seeing him develop in his new role.
New rules introduced for access to Port of Uddevalla
As from January 1, 2023, Port of Uddevalla will implement a new access requirement. To get access to our port area you will need to complete a training course. The training is carried out digitally and is available in Swedish and English. It consists of two shorter films with associated questions. The completed course is valid for one year, after that it needs to be redone for you to get renewed access granted. You get access to the training in connection with the invoice for the next annual fee or alternatively from Gate 1, the main entrance to the Port area.

The technology has developed quickly, and we have now come to the point where we are facing a change of access system. The system for access to the Port will therefore be replaced during 2023, which means that you will soon need a new access card. More information will be sent out to those concerned, well in advance before the change. New access cards are issued at Gate 1 and can only be done on site. You need to fill out a new form with current information to receive your new access card.

Along with these changes the price for access cards will be adjusted for us to maintain our requirements for safety.
We strengthen our stevedore department with a new Foreman 
640x640transp Jörgen Berndtson, arbetsledare
Jörgen Berndtson was recruited to the position of our sixth Stevedore Foreman in November. Jörgen joined Uddevalla Hamnterminal as a Stevedore worker in 2021. However, he is already well acquainted with his new role, as he soon after that started to help as foreman. Jörgen has a diverse working background where he has been a sheet metal worker, ship machinist and self-employed in the motorcycle industry, among other things.

- This is the best workplace I've had! I really enjoy working here. I like when there is a lot going on, and here there is a lot going on all the time. It's fun to be part of this group. Admittedly, working as a Stevedore also suited me well. Because then I got to work with my hands and that's what I have done throughout my whole working life. But as Foreman, you can be involved in directing things in a different way. And I need to keep track of where everything and everyone is that is needed during a work shift. And make sure everyone has what they need to do their job efficiently and safely, says Jörgen.

As other Foremen, Jörgen is responsible for leading and distributing the work in the various stevedoring and terminal assignments. He also participates in planning and solving any issues that arise along the way. Jörgen has worked almost exclusively with assignments that have to do with project cargo and, above all, wind power. It is something that suits his background and interests in machinery well, as it includes both screwing and handling different types of equipment, with a high work pace.

- I have skills and experience as supervisor from my time as a Ship's Engineer. Back then you were constantly working against deadlines and it's similar here, a vessel must be unloaded or loaded at a certain pace. I am driven and make sure we keep up the pace, but I am also a person who keeps calm under pressure. As a foreman, it is my responsibility to ensure that we have the conditions to reach our goals, Jörgen concludes.

We welcome Jörgen in his new role!
Våra öppettider under jul och nyår
Opening hours during Christmas
Our opening hours will deviate from normal during the Christmas and New Year holidays. We want all our employees to be able to celebrate Christmas in peace and quiet with their loved ones. Therefore, it is completely closed in Port of Uddevalla on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.

You can read the opening hours in their entirety on our website in the link below.

See full opening hours on our web page
Vi söker en fartygsagent
We are hiring a Ship Agent!
Due to upcoming retirement, we are now looking to hire a ship agent for our subsidiary SwanFalk Shipping.

We offer flexible work where you receive great support from your colleagues, but where you are also given opportunities to work freely and independently and make your own decisions.

Apply for the position as a ship agent with SwanFalk today and become a member in our wonderful team!
Read more on our web page (Swedish)
Liquidation of areas in the inner port are progressing
At the end of October, the demolition of warehouse no 34 began. The warehouse, with an area of 1500 m² plus and is adjoined with the old port office. Warehouse no 34 was built in 1964 and has since then been used for storage of many kinds of cargo, such as paper, pulp and general cargo.

The area where the warehouse stands are part of the port area that we have previously handed over to Uddevalla municipality. Uddevalla municipality is also responsible for demolishing of the warehouse. The demolition is part of the long-term plan where we relinquish parts of the inner port in favour of the city's development and ambitions to grow west.

Plans for new warehouses in the port area is in full swing and is expected to be completed within a year.
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We support the Swedish Sea Rescue Society - with a Christmas gift
640x640transp Vi stödjer Sjöräddningssällskapet med en gåva julen 2022
As in previous years, we have chosen to replace Christmas gifts to our customers with a contribution to the Swedish Sea Rescue Society. They are a non-profit organization, which we hold close to our hearts. Swedish Sea Rescue Society are single handily responsible for 70 percent of all sea rescues in Sweden. With no governmental funding, ours and others support is needed to help them save lives at sea.
Make a donation to support SSRS
640x640transp 554 Ulf S
A Christmas greeting
During this tumultuous year our business, just like many others, has had to prove its strengths in different ways. We slowly but surely got out of the grip of the pandemic only to be thrown straight into the next crisis when Russia invaded Ukraine. Both these events have caused enormous suffering to many in different ways. From a more economic perspective, it rapidly changed conditions for logistics and freight flows all over the world.

Vessel traffic and cargo volumes during the year have exceeded the forecasts we produced in Port of Uddevalla. This does not mean that we can now sit down, roll our fingers, and take for granted that this is something that will automatically continue from now on. We have learned that prerequisites can change quickly. This requires us to be at the forefront and follow new developments - just as our customers do - so that we can continue to be an attractive logistics partner.

In the new year we will face a different challenge. We will ned to handle increasing cargo volumes, while at the same time the work of handing over areas in the inner port to our owner Uddevalla municipality continues. Surrendering these areas means that for the city to develop the port area will be reduced and warehouse space will decrease during a period. We will have to live up to great demands on flexibility on this journey,  but we have a long-term perspective in our work. Where financing and harmonious planning of logistics flows are key words for the continued development of the port.

The development is something that will be positive for everyone in the long term, partly for our owner and the people living in Uddevalla municipality, partly for our customers and our employees. The demand for port services and logistics solutions in Uddevalla is strong and the establishment of, among other things, a new railway infrastructure in the port area will provide good conditions for increased capacity and growth. When we are given the opportunity to develop, we can in turn give our customers opportunities to grow and build success together with us.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Ulf Stenberg, CEO
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