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895 Plat%c3%a5bergens geopark
Platåbergen - Sweden’s first UNESCO Global Geopark
UNESCO has approved the designation of Platåbergen in West Sweden as a new UNESCO Geopark, Sweden’s first. The area was chosen because the features of this landscape of multiple table mountains form an exceptional geological heritage of international significance.

Fundamentally, the aim of the Global Geoparks Network is to combine the conservation of natural environments with sustainable development, and the promotion of ecotourism. At present there are 177 UNESCO Global Geoparks in 46 different countries. UNESCO also designates world heritage sites and biosphere reserves according to the same model.

In West Sweden, the Platåbergens UNESCO Global Geopark covers an area of 3,690 km2 and is home to 289,198 inhabitants. A total of 9 West Swedish municipalities were involved in the creation of Platåbergens Geopark, which presents a unique landscape of 15 flat-topped Table Mountains, platåbergen in Swedish, after which the site is named, including Billingen (Skövde), Mösseberg (Falköping), Kinnekulle (Lidköping) and Halle-Hunneberg (Trollhättan/Vänersborg). Their unique geology helped create the ideal conditions for a rich cultural heritage and valuable habitats.

The area also covers the Västgöta Plain with its shallow floodplain lakes, undulating ridges and well-preserved cultural landscapes. Some of Sweden’s most interesting historical discoveries have been made here, and museums preserve exhibits that bear witness to inhabitants’ use of the local stone over the millennia: from megalithic graves (5,300-4,700 BCE) to the first known stone church in Sweden, built by Christian Vikings in the early 11th century.

This is an area that has a huge amount to offer visitors. Hiking and cycling in beautiful and varied landscapes, exciting historical sites, local food and, naturally, the opportunity to relax with a ‘Swedish fika.’
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896 H%c3%a5llbarhetsklivet
Our West Swedish sustainable tourism initiative 'Stepping up Sustainability' keeps growing
Stepping up Sustainability, West Sweden’s joint initiative for sustainable tourism, now has around 450 businesses on board. We’ll be talking about two of them in this newsletter – Swedish Country Living in Dalsland and  Minto Tingvall in northern Bohuslän.
All businesses and municipalities connected to Stepping up Sustainability are committed to following the four key principles:
  • As little unnecessary environmental impact as possible
  • Good for both residents and visitors
  • More visitors when and where places are not full
  • More full-time jobs and more robust businesses
These four principles guide the choices that are made when developing and marketing tourism in West Sweden, profiting both the environment and the economy. It also benefits local businesses and helps local communities thrive.
Stepping up Sustainability
903 Kretsloppshuset
Swedish Country Living adds an outdoor spa to its Hermitage cottages
Swedish Country Living, which in 2021 won the 360° Eat Guide 'Sweden’s Most Sustainable Experience' award, is now offering a waterfront spa where you can enjoy a log fired hot tub and an outdoor shower under the starry sky. Alongside this and their three Hermitage cabins in the wilds of Dalsland - decorated in classic Scandi style and built using natural materials from the local area – Swedish Country Living now also have an outdoor kitchen, infrared sauna and an orangery with a grey water filtering system. Find out more about their new packages below.
Swedish Country Living
904 Bildschirm 2021 09 26 00h25m30s458
New emission-free solar boat on Lake Bullaresjön in Bohuslän
Minto Tingvall is an eco lodge in northern Bohuslän aiming to leave as few traces as possible when it comes to food, accommodation and transport methods. This spring they launched a new solar fleet, with comfortable house boats that travel soundlessly and completely emission free on Lake Bullaresjön in northern Bohuslän. Each boat houses four to six people and is operated with the help of solar cells, electric motors and lithium batteries.
Read more about the solar boat
897 Moreno
The world’s largest pizzeria opens in a cinema dating back to the 40s in Gothenburg
There’s a lot happening on the Gothenburg food scene this year. An exciting new restaurant,  Moreno Pizza, opens on 29 April in an art deco cinema building from the 1940s, in the trendy district of Majorna. Moreno Pizza is said to be the world’s largest pizzeria, with three wood-fired pizza ovens, 20 pizza chefs, room for 350 guests in the restaurant and 300 in the bar. Impressively, the rooftop beer garden has space for a further 1000 people. In the link you can read 16 more tips about new restaurants on the Gothenburg food scene.
17 new tips from the Gothenburg food scene
898 g%c3%b6ta kanal
Explore the Göta Canal with a local
Meet the Locals is a great way to get an authentic feel of everyday life in West Sweden. Some of the activities locals offer include having a fika with Sara in her garden near Läckö Castle, exploring Peter’s Gothenburg, or mountain biking in the woods with Patrik. This month we’re presenting Alf, who would love to show you around the Göta Canal either on foot or by bike. Alf lives next to the canal in Sjötorp and is passionate about his beautiful surroundings.
Read more about Alf
899 world cup
Orienteering World Cup in Borås
West Sweden is a proud official partner of the Orienteering World Cup taking place in Borås on 26-29 May 2022. 290 male and female competitors from 27 different countries will gather here to compete.  Borås, known among other things for its world class street art and lovely natural surroundings, is just 45 minutes from Gothenburg by car or bus.
Read more about the World Cup
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