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Scandic Göteborg Central
New hotel in Gothenburg with large roof terrace and the best views
On 12 June the Scandic Göteborg Central opened, a huge new hotel in a convenient location just a couple of hundred metres from Central Station. The hotel has 451 rooms, 1,225 beds and a meeting capacity of up to 1,000 people. The massive Miami inspired roof terrace is the largest and highest in Gothenburg, with panoramic views of the Göta älv estuary.
Scandic Göteborg Central
974 Kroppefj%c3%a4ll
A new hiking route, the Kroppefjäll Trail, opens in Dalsland
A new hiking route, the Kroppefjäll Trail in southern Dalsland, was opened on 1 June. Passing through untouched forests where you can go for hours without seeing another soul, the Kroppefjäll Trail is 54 kilometres long and divided into two stages. The vast Kroppefjäll nature area is one of West Sweden’s biggest nature reserves. Along the wilderness trail are two lovely places to stay, both with a focus on sustainability, and affiliated to Stepping up Sustainability * – Ragnerud Hiking Destination and Kroppefjäll B&B.
* You’ll find more information about Stepping up Sustainability further down this newsletter.
The Kroppefjäll Trail
Vänerleden Henrik Lindholm
A new national cycle route around Sweden’s largest lake
The Vänerleden, a new national cycle route snaking around Sweden’s largest lake, Vänern, was inaugurated on 3 June. The whole route is 640 km long and can easily be split into shorter sections to cycle. There’s plenty to take in along the Vänerleden, including beautiful lakeside scenery, tourist attractions, lovely town centres, cafés and cycle friendly accommodation. Some of the highlights along the route are the Göta Canal and Sjötorp lock area, Kinnekulle, Lidköping, Mariestad and parts of the Platåbergens Geopark (the latest addition to UNESCO’S geoparks which was mentioned in our previous newsletter).  
The Vänerleden
976 Island of light
Island of Light – An international Light Art festival on Smögen
This September, on the beautiful granite island of Smögen in Bohuslän, an international light art festival with several of the world’s leading light artists, will be taking place once again. The unique coastal setting combined with state of the art light technology will create a series of fascinating artworks that can be seen from both at sea and on land.  
Autumn is a great time to visit the West Coast, when the shellfish taste their best, nature bursts into colour and there are far fewer visitors than during the summer months.
Island of Light
977 Pilane
New exhibitions on Tjörn, The Island of Art
There’s world class art to discover on the island of Tjörn, just north of Gothenburg, all year round. This summer there are new exhibitions at both the Nordic Watercolour Museum and Pilane Sculpture Park. The Nordic Watercolour Museum is presenting a major show of work by the Belgian surrealist René Margritte, open until 4 September. Pilane’s open air sculpture park, where ancient remains co-exist with contemporary sculptures by world leading artists, is in a typical Bohuslän cultural landscape. New works for this year include three pieces by Anna Fasshauer and Johan Creten’s “Why does strange fruit look so sweet?”. The sculpture park is open until 18 September. Our tip is to walk or cycle between the two art experiences.
Tjörn The Island of Art
ÖTILLÖ Henrik Dowermyr
A new swimrun race course for 2022, the ÖTILLÖ Sprint Gothenburg, 6 August
ÖTILLÖ (Island to Island) Swimrun will be holding a new race day in the southern islands of the Gothenburg archipelago on Saturday 6 August. ÖTILLÖ is the organisation which started the sport of swimrun back in 2006 and now runs events all over the world. The races are divided into three different classes: the ÖTILLÖ World Series is for elites, and functions as a qualifier for the Swimrun World Championship. For anyone wanting to try out swimrun over shorter distances there’s the ÖTILLÖ Sprint (3.64 km swimming, 13.86 km running) and the ÖTILLÖ Experience (1.5 km swimming, 7.8 km running).
ÖTILLÖ Swimrun Gothenburg
979 G%c3%b6ta Kanal Monika Manowska
It’s the season for The Edible Country and outdoor cooking
Outdoor cooking is an all year round activity but Visit Sweden’s concept The Edible Country makes it even easier to enjoy that fabulous combo of nature with local food and drink. In West Sweden there are two handmade wooden tables which are bookable between May and September. One table is placed on the rocky landscapes of Ramsvik in Bohuslän and another in a leafy forest glade right next to the Göta Canal. In these two completely different places you can make food and discover new ingredients in beautiful natural settings in West Sweden. 
The Edible Country
Göteborg Marie Ullnert
Meet a local, Cecilia, and see Gothenburg from her perspective
Walk around downtown Gothenburg and discover some strange and unusual facts about the city with our one of our locals, Cecilia.
Cecilia is one of the many Locals who enjoy sharing their part of West Sweden with visitors. Meet the Locals is a unique way to get an authentic taste of everyday life in West Sweden.
Some of the activities offered include having fika with Sara in her garden near Läckö Castle, going for a walk along the Göta Canal with Alf, or exploring Ulricehamn by bike with Patrik. Read more about Cecilia and our other locals here:
Meet the Local Cecilia
981 Kajkanten Vr%c3%a5ng%c3%b6
UK tour operator Where The Wild Is launch a new archipelago based product in West Sweden
The British tour operator Where The Wild Is offers trips built on informed choices in order to minimise the impact on the environment. Their new product in West Sweden focuses on a sustainable summer holiday in Gothenburg and its archipelago. The package includes accommodation at the classic Hotell Eggers in the centre of the city, followed by two waterfront hotels in the archipelago, Kajkanten and Isbolaget. The package also includes a floating sauna experience and a seafood fishing trip.
Sustainable Summer Serenity in Gothenburg & the Archipelago
Daniel Werjefelt
*Stepping up Sustainability
Stepping up Sustainability is West Sweden’s joint initiative for sustainable tourism. Public and private operators acting together to make the shift towards a more sustainable society.
Together we create economically viable businesses which work to minimize the negative impact of tourism and are of value to both residents and visitors.
There are now 450 businesses on board and you can read and be inspired by their sustainable future initiatives in the link below.
Stepping up Sustainability
Lobster & Swan
Summer greetings!
One of the year’s favourite traditions is our Swedish Midsummer celebration. It’s so important to us that it’s actually been made into a public holiday. This year Midsummer Eve falls on Friday 24 June, when we’ll gather with friends and families to celebrate with good food and drink, and dance around the midsummer pole with wreaths of flowers in our hair. Large quantities of pickled herring, potatoes and strawberries will be eaten, with shots of flavoured snaps, accompanied by traditional snaps songs.

Have a great summer!  
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